Eight Million "Members" claim is an obvious lie


Scientology's doublecross

One aspect of the Scientology® fraud is to claim that the corporation has eight million "members." This claim is used heavilly in the advertizements that the corporation places in magazines and other venues in its attempts to depict its "Volunteer Minister" front as some how being legitimate and "recognized."

Obviously the Scientology corporation has at most some 40,000 current customers, few of which could be considered to be "members." So why does the notoriously criminal corporation persist in its claims to have some eight million customers?

Forrest Sawyer, on ABC Nightline, Feb. 14, 1992 interviewing Heber Jentzsch, President, Church of Scientology:

Sawyer. How do you get to call them members?

Jentzsch: Because they joined and they came in and they studied Scientology.

Sawyer: They took one course, maybe.

Jentzsch: Well, that's how valuable the course is. Eight million people, yes, over a period of the last- since 1954.

Anyone who has ever purchased a Scientology book or got rooked in to purchasing a Scientology "course" since 1954 is being counted as a "member" of the Scientology corporation.

Even granting the absurd notion that the criminal enterprise has some how managed to rook and swindle 125,000 people every year for the past 64 years, to suggest that people who accidentally purchase a Scientology book is some how a "member" of the criminal enterprise is doubly absurd.


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