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Subject: Community Activities
Date: 2000/03/06

Since the founding of the Church of Scientology more than forty years ago, Scientologists have been actively involved in the improvement of their communities and society.

The Church of Scientology has received thousands of awards and commendations for its work in communities all over the world. Many of these awards have come from city and county authorities; others from individuals and groups who appreciated a helping hand.

Awards are always valued, but they are incidental to the intention and the deed they symbolize. Scientologists help because as they grow spiritually as individuals, it is natural to expand their responsibility and turn outward to help others.

Church members are active in anti-drug educational campaigns in countries throughout the world and have given drug abuse education lectures to more than 500,000 people. They are involved in Neighborhood Watch anti-crime programs and programs to assist law enforcement officials reduce crime.

Some Scientologists work in Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program based on L. Ron Hubbard’s technology which is recognized by government studies as among the most effective ever developed. Narconon has helped restore more than 25,000 people to drug-free, productive lives. Church members also help educate community officials and groups about the dangers of drugs and offer solutions to the problems posed by drug abuse.

Other Scientologists are active in educational programs such as Applied Scholastics, where they work to resolve study problems and bring literacy to millions.

Scientologists support Criminon and work with probation officers and police officials to help rehabilitate criminals by restoring their self- respect and their ability to lead honest and useful lives.

Individual Churches of Scientology all run a variety of community outreach programs.

Some of those programs are listed here.

Parishioners of the Church regularly hold blood drives for hospitals, the Red Cross and other relief organizations. Because Scientologists do not use harmful drugs, the donation of drug-free blood is particularly welcomed.

In the United States, the "Lead the Way to a Drug-Free USA" national campaign has helped millions by fighting further drug proliferation. This campaign includes the Church’s Drug-Free Marshals -- school-age children who pledge to stay off drugs and to keep their friends and family off drugs. They are "sworn in" as Drug-Free Marshals and participate in projects to promote drug-free communities, including swearing in adults as fellow Drug-Free Marshals. More than 12,000 children and adults have participated, including many federal, state and local law enforcement officials throughout the United States. In Canada and the United Kingdom, those who take part in this program are known as Drug-Free Ambassadors.

Many Scientologists assist in the community as Volunteer Ministers. The Church and its Volunteer Minister Corps conducted a massive relief program following the devastating Northridge, California, earthquake in January 1994. They donated more than 10,000 hours of volunteer work, tens of thousands of dollars and untold hours of religious counseling to more than 1,000 victims in need of assistance. As a result, individuals and families were able to recover from the trauma and restart their lives.

Volunteer Ministers are active wherever there are Scientologists. Their services include communication seminars to local police and community service organizations; workshops on education to schools; and hospital visits to assist those recovering from illness or accidents.

During the holiday season, Scientologists are particularly active. For many years, the Church in Los Angeles has sponsored Hollywood’s popular "Winter Wonderland." Situated in the heart of the city, Winter Wonderland includes Santa’s home, tons of snow and the film capital’s largest Christmas tree, more than 65 feet in height. During the annual Hollywood Christmas parade, Santa lights the tree and, throughout the holidays, plays host to thousands of children and their parents. Winter Wonderland is a tradition started by L. Ron Hubbard’s gift of a Christmas tree to the city each year, and carried on by the Church as a goodwill activity.

A similar scene has been created in Clearwater, Florida, where Winter Wonderland occupies a full city block. The festive site features a 55- foot Christmas tree with 18,000 lights, an outdoor ice skating pond and a snow-covered forest of 100 pine trees. Visited by 30,000 residents and tourists last year alone, Winter Wonderland in Clearwater, as in Hollywood, has now become an annual tradition for the city.

Community service campaigns have been conducted in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other countries, earning the Church thousands of recognitions for its works.


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