Scientology's Copyright Frauds and Altered 'Scriptures'


Scientology's doublecross

Mike McClaughry <>
12 Feb 2002

Mike Answers CL on Copyright Fraud -- Part 1

A Scientologist going by the fake name CL said:

"your statement that 'RTC has been altering LRH issues' is a flat-out lie.

I challenge you to post ONE actual piece of evidence or ONE reference to ANY verifiable document that ANYONE employed by the corporation known as Religious Technology Center (RTC), while in the employ of RTC, participated in any of the alterations.

The records of the United States Copyright Office document WHO did the alterations, and NONE were done by RTC or anyone employed by RTC.

I just posted the FACTS from those Copyright Office records proving this not two weeks ago right here in this newsgroup.

Here it is again for the learning challenged:


======================================== ============
1. Church of Scientology International 947
2. Bridge Publications, Inc. 185
3. Author Services, Inc. 98
4. Norman F. Starkey 24

Now let's see how many Copyright Office records have 'Religious Technology Center' as being involved in the alterations:

1. Religious Technology Center 0

Where is YOUR documentation for YOUR FALSE CLAIM?

So now there is only left to determine why you are spreading your FALSE claim that RTC are the ones behind the alterations, instead correctly naming of the actual perps the owners of the properties, CST.

Mr. Mike McClaughry offers this detailed answer:

The command line is:

Churches and Missions

In the above command structure, each higher entity licenses use to the lower entity. That is a documented fact that you know and therefore will not contest.

So, it works like this:

CSI makes the alterations to LRH issues.
RTC then approves the alterations.
CST then accepts the alterations and archives them.

All three entities and the people who manage them, are co-conspirators in the fraud.

Each and every one of them are guilty for the alterations.

Does anyone believe that CSI can make alterations without RTC approval?

Does anyone believe RTC could allow CSI to do that without CST approval?



In 1994 a booklet is released entitled The Church of Scientology 40th Anniversary.

An article on the Religious Technology Center says this:

To ensure the purity of the religion and its Scriptures, RTC supervised a massive five-year project, only recently completed, to republish all of Mr. Hubbard's writings on Dianetics and Scientology. RTC ensured that the authenticity of each work was verified by comparing them word by word with his original manuscripts -- only once RTC was satisfied that the works were accurate were they republished. RTC then helped see that archival editions of these materials were produced, thus ensuring the availability of the pure and unadulterated writings of Mr. Hubbard to the coming generations. As part of this project, Mr. Hubbard's original tape-recorded lectures -- most of them over three decades old -- were restored using state-of-the-art technology, and then accurately transcribed.


The above shows that RTC and CSI work together to alter, delete and fabricate LRH issues. It is also evidence of the fraud perpetrated on the paying public that they are receiving "pure and unadulterated writings of LRH." The above reference says the same was done with LRH tapes and on that point we have rock solid proof that they destroyed LRH original teachings because those tapes are in his voice.

Incorrectly Included destruction of LRH issues
Incorrectly Included fraud on the paying public
Falsehood that all LRH issues have been made available in pure form

RTC and CSI Execs

1 January 1982

RTC's Articles of Incorporation state:

Article VII:

b) The corporation is to have power and authority of a head organization, to create subordinate corporations, to issue charters to such subordinate corporations and have the articles of subordinate corporations require the dissolution of such subordinate corporations whenever the charter issued by this corporation is taken away from it. Also, the assets of the subordinate corporation go to RTC upon dissolution of the subordinate corporation.


In an affidavit dated 17 Feb 1994, David Miscavige says the following about RTC:

RTC was formed with the specific purpose of seeing that the religion of Scientology was kept pure and true to the source materials of the religion.

As Chairman of the Board he is interested in the standard application of the Scripture of Scientology as detailed in HCOP/Ls and HCOBs and the spoken words of LRH in tapes and films. He inspects and corrects departures from the standard application of the Scripture of the religion. I also ensure that any attempted perversion of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology is rapidly dealt with, to keep the religion pure.

He also oversees the affairs of RTC in its function of verifying that the source writings of the religion are kept pure. This specifically includes the verification that the materials representing themselves as being Dianetics and Scientology are in fact that, and that they honestly reflect the source writings of the religion by L. Ron Hubbard.

United States District Court for the Central District of California Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)

David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994


As you will see on this time track, this shows he is in Treason on his post. He has betrayed the trust of LRH and all Scientologists by allowing the re-writing and altering of a vast majority of LRH's tech in books, HCOBs and tapes.

24 September 1999

David Miscavige files an affidavit in the Wollersheim case in California:

RTC is exclusively concerned with the orthodoxy of the Scientology religion so that it forever remains faithful to the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of the religion and the one source of its Scriptures.

My role is described above. Mr. Hubbard was the Founder of the religion and the sole Source of its Scripture. A primary and fundamental doctrine of our faith is that the teachings be kept pure and that the only source of those teachings is Mr. Hubbard. Indeed, my role encompasses the responsibility of seeing the religion does not lose its original teachings and that no one ever assumes Mr. Hubbard's role as the source of its religious teachings."

Now, CL, with all of the above in mind --




And then CST, in violation of its corporate charter, accepts the alterations and archives them.

Miscavige is a Trustee for RTC and CST. In fact, the record shows he has been conspiring with the CST non-Scientologist attorneys every step of the way. No one should attempt to whitewash him.

ALL of the top executives of CSI, RTC and CST are guilty of Fraud- and they all play their role in the alterations and committing the crime.

As a final note, I know your hobby-horse is saying that CST is in command over RTC, CSI, etc.

You are preaching to the choir here -- I have stated the same thing at our website.

You must be confusing me with others who try to deny that blatant fact. I never did deny it.


Therefore, I hold RTC and CSI execs just as guilty as the CST execs, for the Fraud.

Mike Answers CL on Copyright Fraud -- Part 2

On September 13, 2001 the Librarian made a 4 part post to alt.religion.scientology on the subject of copyrights:

Part 1 is posted at 1:05 AM
Part 2 is posted at 1:16 AM
Part 3 is posted at 1:27 AM
Part 4 is posted at 1:38 AM

In this 4 part series on copyrights, the Librarian makes some incorrect statements, apparently in an effort to lead one to the false conclusion that CST is the valid owner of LRH copyrights.

Here I will present data that shows that CST does not legally own any LRH copyrights:

Point 1:

One thing I noticed about this particular series of Librarian posts was that it omitted the data on HASI. Earlier time tracks released by the Librarian noted that HASI was the owner of the copyrights and HASI went defunct in 1977, which put the copyrights into the public domain.

Another odd fact about HASI that I have never seen anyone mention -- is the HASI Articles of Incorporation state the corporation is to end in 25 years. That would mean that LRH intended for the HASI to end in May 1979. That is a clue that he intended the copyrights to go into the public domain.

Point 2:

There has been litigation and allegations over whether LRH issues fell into the public domain, one way or the other. Judges have ruled that some LRH issues did that and some did not. It remains an unanswered question as to exactly how many LRH issues fell into the public domain and how that happened.

All of those arguments, whether valid or not, miss the real point.

CST does not legally own any LRH copyrights. What actually happened was they obtained the copyrights through a Fraud, that they got past a blind Coroner and blind probate judge.

16 January 1986

Dr. Denk told the Coroner that LRH displayed Dysphrasia the last 8 days of his life and that he died as a result of a cerebral vascular accident. (Dysphrasia is imperfection of utterance due to a central or cerebral defect.)

Supplementary Coroner's Report dated 30 January 1986

16 January 1986

Dr. Denk told the Sheriff that LRH had a stroke about one week prior to his death and that the cause of death was from the stroke.

San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Department Supplementary Report dated 16 Jan 86

Important Note:

That is an important fact -- it proves that CST does not own the copyrights!

The "LRH signature" on the 1986 last-minute Will does not look like his signature.

There are two possible reasons for that:

1. It is a forgery.
2. He was in poor mental condition from a stroke.

Whichever one it is -- that negates the 1986 Will "giving" CST copyrights.

25 January 1986

Dr. Kirschner writes a report after examining LRH's body. The report notes 10 (ten) needle puncture wounds were found underneath a bandaide on LRH's buttock.

Dr. Kirschner's Post Mortem Report on 25 January 1986

25 January 1986

Sierra Vista Hospital does a toxicology study on the LRH blood sample and writes a report stating that they found Vistaril in LRH's blood.

Sierra Vista Hospital Toxicology Report

30 January 1986

A Supplementary Coroners Report is written:

Dr. Denk told the Coroner that he had been residing at the Creston Ranch and treating LRH for the last two years.

Dr. Denk said that LRH died of a CVA (cerebral vascular accident).

Dr. Denk says that LRH displayed Dysphrasia the last 8 days of his life. (Dysphrasia is imperfection of utterance due to a central or cerebral defect.)

When the Coroner learned there was a Will signed a day before the death, he wondered whether LRH was of sound mind at the time he signed the Will because Dr. Denk had said LRH’s clinical history supported a possible neurological problem. Due to this fact the Coroner decided to not permit Dr. Denk to certify the cause of death and the Coroner ordered an autopsy.

When LRH’s body was taken to the mortuary, the Coroner went there. Attorney Sherman Lenske and Attorney Earl Cooley were at the mortuary and the Coroner told them he was ordering an autopsy because of the Will being signed one day before the death. Sherman Lenske then gave the Coroner a Certificate of Religious Belief -- which stated that LRH objected to any autopsy being performed on his body. This was signed just four days before his death, on 24 January 1986.

The Coroner then suggested a toxicology study of LRH’s blood and the attorneys said they had no problem with that.

Dr. Karl E. Kirschner was called to the mortuary to perform an external medical inspection and to draw a blood sample for the toxicology study. The Coroner took 13 photographs and fingerprints of the body. Then Dr. Denk and David Miscavige arrived. Miscavige had a copy of the 1982 Will and Codicil dated 1983. The 1983 Codicil was a statement that LRH objected to an autopsy.

The Coroner says the contents of the 1982 Will and the 1986 Will are basically the same. (That is false – LRH’s previous two Wills made no mention of giving copyrights to CST, whereas the 1986 Will did -- and that is a major difference between the two Wills.)

Dr. Denk told the Coroner that he had given LRH Vistaril. Dr. Denk accompanied the Coroner to Sierra Vista Hospital to get the toxicology study done. The toxicology study showed Vistaril in LRH's blood. Dr. Denk and the Coroner then returned to the mortuary and the Coroner released the body to the custody of the attorneys.

Supplementary Coroners Report dated 30 January 1986

Note: LRH's 1979 and 1982 Wills make no mention of copyrights.

Only the 1986 last-minute Will says that the copyrights are given to CST.

The probate court established the value of the intellectual properties at $25 million.

The blind Coroner thinks that $25 million dollars is an insignificant change between the two Wills?

Falsehood – Coroner says little difference between 1982 and 1986 Wills

So, with all of the above in mind --

The 1979 and 1982 Wills do not mention copyrights.

Only the 1986 Will mentions giving copyrights to CST.

The "LRH signature" on the 1986 Will does not look like his signature. Two possibilities:

1. It is a forgery.

2. He was in poor mental condition from a stroke, could not even talk correctly, and is on drugs.


CST obtained the copyrights through a scam and got it past a blind coroner who thinks that $25 million dollars is no significant change between the 1982 and 1986 Wills! Then they got it past a blind probate judge who sees nothing wrong with it either.

What makes the Coroner and judge so blind? Was it money or perhaps National Security?

Mike Answers CL on Copyright Fraud -- Part 3

Here is a simple explanation of their Fraud on the paying public:

The subject of Scientology was replaced by the "Scientology religion."

The subject of Scientology and the "Scientology religion" are NOT the same thing.

In October 1993, at the IRS "win" event -- a booklet was handed out entitled: Description of the Scientology Religion

Scientology and the "Scientology religion" are both defined in the booklet as follows:

"Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. Its goal is to bring an individual to an understanding of himself and his life as a spiritual being and in relationship to the universe as a whole."

"The Scientology religion is based exclusively upon L. Ron Hubbard's research, writings and recorded lectures."

The key word in the definition of the "Scientology religion" is based.

And that is exactly what they have been doing -- altering, deleting and fabricating LRH issues and obtaining a new copyright under the legal title “based on the works of LRH.

In these new copyrighted works -- CSI is the author, not LRH.

In other words -- they have replaced LRH as Source!

Scientology is the works of LRH where LRH is the author.

The "Scientology religion" is based on the works of LRH, where CSI is the author.

See the difference?

So, here is the Fraud.

Miscavige and Church promo materials repeatedly lie to the paying public that they are receiving "pure, unadulterated LRH." They know full well that is a lie, and a blatant Fraud.

The last corporate entity to market Scientology was the Church of Scientology of California.

The conspirators dismantled that corporation and replaced it with 3 new corporations:

Church of Spiritual Technology
Religious Technology Center
Church of Scientology International

These 3 corporate entities market the "Scientology religion," not Scientology.

But they lie to the paying public and say they market Scientology.

The public is in a condition of Confusion.

They think they are in the Church of Scientology, receiving Scientology.

They are actually in a new corporate structure that markets the "Scientology religion."

The formula for Confusion is -- Find Out Where You Are

Lastly, a personal message from Mike to CL.

Virginia and I are here to expose the Fraud and remove the guilty from CST, RTC, CSI.

You, the Librarian, Veritas, etc. – make a public showing that’s what you are about.

If that were true -- you would consider us allies. Attacking us would be Wrong Target.

Your words say one thing but your actions say another.

Actions speak louder than words.


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