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Thu, 17 Jan 2002 07:18:40 GMT

Someone wrote to me "from the inside" and asked that I please post this on alt.religion.scientology. They are still in, but agree with most of what I -- and critics here -- are doing.

And some other data

David Miscavige is trying to usurp L. Ron Hubbard's place as the leader of the Church and has come up with this Inspector General Network Bulletin called "Wake Up Call." This is an attempt to galvanize people to become "volunteer ministers" to use Scientology techniques to help people overcome the trauma generated by 9/11. But, of course, this is just another ploy to recruit more unsuspecting people into the Sea Organization, into staff positions at Scientology centers and groups and to get more people to start Scientology courses and get Scientology counseling.

But the fact is that Scientology's "stats" (the number of people actually participating in the religion and spending money in the Church) are declining and this is a last ditch effort to control Scientologists and to expand membership. And, of course, also to get some free publicity.

But this bulletin itself shows how much the Church has deteriorated. It has so many inconsistencies and errors that it obviously was written by amateurs.

First of all, this bulletin says: "Suicide bombings at Pearl Harbor led to atomic bombs wiping out whole cities." Later on in WW 2 there were suicide bombings by kamikaze pilots. But Pearl Harbor was not a suicide attack. It looks like David Miscaviage can no longer afford a professional PR firm and that the better writers who were smart enough to do research have "blown" the Sea Org.

Next, it says: "Osama bin Laden has a psychiatrist as his right-hand man." Miscavige loves to blame everything on psychiatry. Osama bin Laden has a right hand man who is an Egyptian doctor, but he is not a psychiatrist, he is a pediatrician.

Of course, Miscavige says the suicide attacks are caused by psychiatrists. It's well known that suicide attacks have been a part of Islam for hundreds of years. Long before psychiatrists existed. So how can this be blamed on psychiatry?

It says also in this bulletin that Interpol is distributing "What is Scientology." This is the stupidest thing that DM could possibly do -- this is just plain goofy! Who would believe this?

David Miscaviage is making a big fuss about Scientology volunteers in New York. One 60 minutes TV show had a whole segment about the volunteers in New York but there were no Scientologists mentioned. They showed that the Salvation Army was helping out a lot. Very little news coverage has been given showing any Scientologists.

And last, the style of writing in this Bulletin seems to imitate or copycat LRH. David Miscaviage is now more and more trying to set himself up as the equal of L. Ron Hubbard.

This "Wake Up Call" is in just about every piece of bulk mail that the Church puts out. When you go into an Org. now you are pressured to read it.

It is a big campaign to try and boost the stats and the image of David Miscaviage.

Meanwhile, Miscaviage is becoming more and more like a totalitarian dictator. Stalin-like purges are occurring more and more often, Scientologists who avoid the Orgs are being dragged in for "roll- backs" (mini-interrogations to force people to snitch on friends who committed the unthinkable "crime" of complaining about David Miscaviage or Scientology Management or the Golden Age of Tech).

If a parent or friend tries to dissuade a young adult from joining the Sea Org he or she is often threatened with expulsion when the kid is "rolled-back" and tells that the parent or a friend gave them the grim truth about life in the Sea Org.

As another side note, people who leave the Sea Org. are now almost completely cut off from friends and family members who are still in the Sea Org.

By the way, Sea Org recruiters are stalking students at Orgs and there has been a mass exodus from the Orgs to the Missions and field groups. Parents try very hard to keep their kids away from the Orgs because they dread the idea that their kids will join the Sea Org. Parents secretly talk about how squirrelly the technology has gotten and how it gets worse and worse as you get closer to Miscaviage. In other words, field Scientologists always say that the service and technical quality is best at the Missions, then OK at local Orgs, poorer at Sea Org Orgs and horrendously bad at Flag.

Well, Flag service has always been known to be extremely slow and now that they are having novice "Golden Age of Tech" trained robotic auditors almost exclusively auditing OT levels and if you complain instead of the situation getting better you are punished by being ordered to do thousands of dollars of "confessionals" (interrogations) until you have the realization that you better smile and tell them they are right or else you'll get into even worse trouble.

It may be that good, more experienced auditors (counselors) are reserved for rich and famous Scientologists. But upper-middle-class people who own businesses and who have a lot of Scientology staff or who use Scientology administrative or educational technology in their businesses get very mediocre service and auditors. And to add insult to injury, they are routinely extorted for money. They are forced to pressure their employees to take Scientology courses.

Special efforts are made to recruit their children into the Sea Organization so that these businessmen can be covertly threatened by having cruel things done to their children if they don't agree to pay, pay, pay! If the parents aren't "good" they often lose contact with their children and can't even find out how their children are doing, where they are or how to reach them. Parents are frantic because they are not allowed to talk on the phone to their kids and are only allowed to write letters, which are, of course, read and monitored.

It is a myth that WISE members are all Scientology zealots who are completely in accord with DM's megalomaniac plans to conquer the world. They are extorted victims caught in a web of vicious lies and false promises.

For some reason, unfathomable to us, Sea Org recruiting has been accelerated recently and has become particularly repressive. Most of the recruiters are under 22 and so they mostly recruit people their own age. They tell them lies, pressure them mercilessly and tell them that they are being unethical if they just want to live a normal life. They invalidate them for not wanting to be in the Sea Org, threaten them with being expelled from the Church if they say anything negative about the Sea Org or DM, etc.

These recruiters have the attitude that they are so far superior to normal people that they should be respected no matter how cruelly they treat others, no matter how ineffective and unprofessional they are, no matter how they alter and misapply Scientology techniques.

A lot of families have been destroyed by DM and his cohorts. It is routine for someone who is jealous to break up a married couple in the Sea Org by stationing one of them in one country and one in another so that they can't see each other or even talk to each other on the phone for long periods of time -- even years!

People are not allowed to have sex outside of marriage in the Sea Org. Young people get married just because they want to have sex. The divorce rate in the Sea Org is very high. You get 25 year olds who have been married 3 or 4 times. In the Sea Org marriage is a joke. There are very few stable marriages in the Sea Org.

Some long-time Sea Org members who are highly trained have tried very hard to get relatives to work for Scientology celebrities and lawyers. This serves a two-fold purpose. The celebrity gets household help that are often more competent than they would be able to hire normally. The Sea Org gets spies who don't even realize that they are spies but who can be called into the Org at any time to be "rolled-back."

The Sea Org member who has relatives working for a celebrity or two has some degree of leverage and immunity from DM's fits of rage and vicious punitive attacks on anyone who he thinks knows Scientology better than he does (which is just about 95% of Scientologists).


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