A city councilman's interesting response concerning Scientology fake front


Scientology's doublecross

A city councilman's interesting response concerning Scientology fake front Sat, 05 Jun 2004

Barb write:

Today I sent this letter to Luis Natividad, La Prensa, and the Rancho Bernardo paper. Read the body of the letter below, and ponder the curiousity of Councilman Natividad's response.


If I had read the article in La Prensa a year ago, I would have been shocked by the presence of National City Councilman Luis Natividad at the launch of the Scientology Volunteer Minister Cavalcade.

All too often, elected officials are asked to attend a function and, if it sounds good, they will happily agree, only to discover later that they were lending tacit support and approval to a totalitarian cult recruitment program.

The "church" of Scientology adopted religious trappings fairly recently, for tax purposes. As founder L. Ron Hubbard stated,

"Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization basis throughout the world. "This will not upset in any way the usual activities of any organization.

It is entirely a matter for accountants and solicitors."


In its 50 year history, Scientology has caused untold harm to innocent, trusting people. Indeed, the Internet has dozens of critical, well-documented information about this group and its abuses of people and the law.

Since word on the web travels like wildfire, Scientology has begun resorting to front groups to recruit and promote itself. These front groups supposedly address societal problems; drug abuse, literacy, and other 'hot buttons' in our culture today.

The Volunteer Minister carnival is just another such ruse to gain political and public support. This is a particularly disgusting sham on the part of Scientology.

Volunteer Ministers flock to disaster; from the Columbine shooting, the Oklahoma bombing of the federal building, to the desperately tragic World Trade Center disaster, they are present, disrupting legitimate social services and handing out their Way to Happiness booklets to stunned and vulnerable people.

This predatory behavior is not restricted to the United States. Following a plane crash in Germany, the July 8, 2002 Suedkurier newspaper reported;

"The words they heard in church are still ringing in the ears of the nearly silent mourners, "Lord, You have shaken me out of my tranquility," and "The mercy of God is not exhausted, it arises newly every morning," said Rev. Schacht, clearly expressing not only the pain, but the consolation of the local residents, and hopefully also the relatives of the 71 deceased.

Schacht's words towards all the Scientology members who went about their unholy work in Owingen were also extremely clear, "Where there is carrion, the vultures gather ..."

The Bible says, "By their actions you shall know them." And their actions at Ground Zero clearly shows their intention was self promotion.

An eyewitness to the events of 9-11 had this to say;

"In spite of the mind-numbing horror of the site itself, balanced by the amazing and countering displays of humanity among those on site, one of the largest jolts of emotion that I had was when I entered the official command center (federal and local agencies) housed in a school at the foot of the rubble. The lobby area was overrun by Scientology reps (a dozen or more?) offering their brand of 'bearing witness' in exchange for minor first aid (foot powder, bandaides, massages, cots).

The displays of their pamphlets and books spread strategically throughout the area was marketing at its most agressive. They all donned brightly colored t-shirts and, striking me as eerily inappropriate at the time, seemed to be festive in their demeanor."

It should be noted that the Scientology VMs weren't authorized to be on site, indeed, some internal emails leaked to the public bragged about sneaking in and disrupting legitimate mental health professionals. They were later ejected from the Ground Zero area. These emails have been webbed, and should be required reading for anyone considering support for this travelling tent show:


A general collection of news items regarding the Scientology Volunteer Ministers can be found here:


Any time a politician, be it a governor or a city council member, attends a function, he/she lends an unspoken endorsement in the minds of the public. Who will protect the public from cynical, predatory cults if the politicians can't be bothered?"

Councilman Natividad's response starts out by doing me a favor in responding, "Dear Ms. Graham, I am responding to your comments out of respect for taking time to make your point known."

He's already indicating a certain hostility. And then, he swiftly cuts off all possibility of dialogue with the following, " I care not to get on an E-mail war so you must know that this will be the only time I'll write you on this issue."

Now you'd think, wouldn't you, that a PUBLICLY ELECTED OFFICIAL might be a teensy bit concerned when someone points out you've been duped by a cult? Nope, this guy's not going to even look at the URLs I provided, let alone entertain the idea that the Volunteer Ministers Toadshow is just another cynical ploy by a totalitarian cult to garner public acceptance and good PR. His thumbs are in his ears, and he's yelling, "LA LA LA LA LA!"

He gets a bit more strident at this point. "First of all you don't know me, nor the things that I have done for the last 40 years and you might not care. However, the person who invited me to the event in question is a personal friend of mine, and I never endorsed their religion, I endorsed the work they have done in the community."

What work would that be? Collecting a few bags of unwanted garage detritus as "charity?" (Always mentioned in the paper, of course) Setting up a fraudulent drug recovery center in Warner Springs that does nothing but suck down money and spew out Scientologists? Or might it be their presence at the rescue and support centers after the devastating fires here, handing out copies of The Way to Happiness along with water bottles?

And finally, here is a man of such certainty, he feels he never has to defend the things he does!

"I never defend the things that I do because I will never change the way I do things. I believe you are mistaking when you use one brush to paint all politicians, I try hard to change that thought by my hard work and my contributions to my community. Again thank you for your thoughts."

Apparently, the way he does things is to go blindly by what his friends tell him, without doing any research on his own. And we all know how Hubbard said that befriending politicians is a good way to influence community government. I can see right from this letter that he's not trying hard to change my perspective of gullible or greedy local politicians. In fact, this guy deserves a page on Mike Krotz's politicians and scientology website!

As a sideline, it should be noted that this guy is a National City council member. A couple of years ago, the council tried to have march 13 declared 'L. Ron Hubbard Day.' The mayor vetoed that suggestion.

And to you who specialize in this sort of thing, does Luis Natividad show up on any completion lists? I wonder if his "special friend" is Grant Cardone?


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