Barbara Graham Writes Letter Covering Ozzie Robert's Outrageous Article


Scientology's doublecross

Barbara Graham Writes Letter Covering Ozzie Robert's Outrageous Article

From: Barbara Graham
Subject: Letter to Editor
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004

I was absolutely horrified by Ozzie Robert's column this week, where he profiles a Volunteer Minister from the Scientology organization here in town. To portray this group; identified as a destructive cult by scholars and governments, as a positive asset to our community is dangerous, as it might encourage others to join.

Their fifty year history is replete with horror stories. Anyone can, and should, do a google search before getting involved, or writing columns that parrot Scientology's slick self promotional material. Combinations such as "scientology suicides, paramilitary, domestic espionage, prison camp, frauds, and deaths" is a good start. Searching "Scientology, WTC" reveals several sites which outline how Volunteer Ministers attempted to disrupt rescue operations at Ground Zero, and bragged about it via internal emails.

The Lisa McPherson wrongful death suit is about to go to trial in Clearwater, Florida. This Scientologist was held against her will, imprisoned, and restrained for forty days until she died.

Given the cheery, sunny nature of Ozzie Robert's columns, it was only a matter of time before a Scientologist got the bright idea of contacting him with happy stories of healings, sweetness and light.

Turn the light into the dark corners of this group, and something very different and ugly is revealed.

People should be very careful with their research before considering this so-called "religion."

This group is truly worse than you can possibly imagine!

Barbara Graham


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