Class 9 OT 5 Incestuous Pedophile


Scientology's doublecross

"Poopsy Charmicheal" <>
Class 9 OT 5 Incestuous Pedophile
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 03:28:45 GMT

I have a female friend whose father was an OT 5, Class 9 C/S at AOLA. With both her parents in the Sea Org, my friend had grown up in a Scientology environment from the time she was born.

One day, my friend told me in great detail, how her father had sex with her from the time she was 5 until the time she was 14. She was in her early 20's at the time she told me this, and had recently had a baby with her new husband. Her memories from these incidents with her father were beginning to re-emerge and effect her horribly as she tried to deal with the new baby boy, her husband, and her new responsibilities as a mother.

I arranged to get my friend some auditing with a very good field auditor to help her handle this. When her auditor began to uncover this data in session, her auditor came to me and told me to make sure I told no one about this, as it could be very bad PR for the Church.

My friend's father, the incestuous pedophile OT 5, Class 9 C/S, had not been around Scientology for a few years. He was "blown". We found out that he was dating a woman who had a 6 year old girl. As all the details of this began to emerge, the big task was to get him in to see an ethics officer at AOLA so that he could get handled.

My particular role in all this, besides keeping very quiet about it, was to keep my friend's new husband from killing the father. He was finding out about this at the same time we all were and was becoming increasingly difficult to control. He was new to Scientology.

We would have long talks in my apartment at my kitchen table. He would reel as he sat there, his head in his hands, "A fucking PEDOPHILE?? This guy is supposed to be a FUCKING OT 5 - a Class 9 Auditor!!!"

I would say, "I know. Sometimes people can't confront their problems until their own case can handle it. Sometimes it takes all the way into the OT levels before they can confront it." I didn't know what else to say.

He would look at me incredulously. "Yeah, but a CLEAR is supposed to be without compulsions, right? What the fuck? Ya know, when I was a kid, we were all wogs. But shit like this never happened anywhere in my neighborhood. This is the sickest fucking thing I have ever seen. This is fucking insane! This is my baby boy's grandfather. This is my wife's father! I want to KILL this piece of shit!" He would rail, and cry.

I'd sit there, numb and speechless. "Yeah. I know." was all I could say.

In the end, after many weeks of sticking with him, listening, and explaining all this so that he could understand it better, I kept him from beating up the father, going to the police, and from telling anyone else about it.

My friend's husband continued on in Scientology. I think he might be getting close to Clear now.

Meanwhile, the father continued to date the woman with the 6 year old daughter. To my knowledge, no one ever told this woman a thing. She was not a Scientologist so she would not be able to understand it at all. If she found out, she might blow the whole thing wide open.

I've been getting the feeling lately that I should call my friend's husband and apologize for trying to "handle" him. He was right. We should have gone to the police immediately, or at least told the father's girlfriend that her daughter might be in danger.

But that would have been severely out-ethics. We would have been in big trouble. We might have caused a huge PR flap for the Church had we done that. We might have caused the Church so much trouble that we may have gotten expelled, and been shut off from our Only Road to Total Freedom.

Poopsy Charmicheal


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