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Date: 1998/09/16


The Church of Scientology is often asked about their relationship with Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). The relationship is clear - we established it in 1969.

Since then, it has expanded around the world. Today, CCHR International supervises offices in most major cities in more than two dozen contries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and others.

From the United States to Australia, South Africa to Germany, the Church has relentlessly exposed psychiatric criminality and oppression.

During investigations into basic human rights abuses, one of the more fertile fields trod by the Church of Scientology, has been the practice of psychiatry, a field which claims both humanitarian motive and leadership in the treatment of "mental health." It is a positioning that for many years has filled its trough with lucrative government appropriations and given it no small measure of societal power.

From his earliest contact in the field in the 1940's, L. Ron Hubbard was one of the first to notice that there was something very wrong with this field. He noted that for all the talk of enlightened psychiatric care, unmanageable patients were still routinely warehoused in dreadful conditions, drugged into vegetative states that left them permanently impaired, and punitively electroshocked. Mr. Hubbard declared it to be the Scientologist's duty "to expose an help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of mental health." Thus came about the formation of CCHR.

To find out more about CCHR go to -

And now for the truth

There's a great deal of megalomaniacle wishful thinking there however here are some facts that the Scientology organization some how just "forgot" to mention:

But Scientology "forgot" to mention a few other things about the mental health industry, psychiatry, psychology, and their very own Scientology organization. For instance:

Did you know that the mental health industry is just literally filled with mass murderers, racist rapists, Nazis, pedophiles, drug pushers and other unsavory characters? Did you know that the psychiatrists here on Earth are under the employ or control of aliens from outer space called "Marcabs?" Well, the Scientology organization thinks so -- so much so, in fact, that they created another one of their endless fake front groups -- this one they euphemistically call their "Citizen's Commission on Human Rights."

You have probably already read all about Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard begging the Veterans Administration for psychiatric help, yet did you know that Hubbard used to send insane nut rants to J. E. Hoover at the FBI and other inteligence offices? Here's an example in extract (the complete letter is available at Note that his "foundation" runs out of a post office box.)

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL       The Hubbard Dianetic Foundation, Inc.
Washington, D.C.           P.O. BOX 502, ELIZABETH, N.J.
                           ELIZABETH 3-2951

I was in my apartment on February 23rd, about two or three
o'clock in the morning when the apartment was entered, I was
knocked out, had a needle thrust into my heart to give it a
jet of air to produce "coronary thrombosis" and was
given an electric shock with a 110 volt current. This is all
very blurred to me. I had no witnesses. But only one person
had another key to that apartment and that was Sara.

But Hubbard's insanity in later years was much worse than even he realized back when he was begging the government for free psychiatric assistance. Hubbard's insanity culminated in the delusional notion that he was infested with the invisible fragments of murdered aliens from outer space he called "Body Thetans." To exhibit his growing pathology, he started believing that everybody (that includes you!) is covered with these murdered space aliens of his and that only Scientology using a process he called "Auditing" could scrape them off -- for a fee, of course.

It's no wonder that the FBI labeled L. Ron Hubbard as "Appears mental" and used to report back to people writing in to them about Scientology that Hubbard was well known to them and that Hubbard had mental problems (See for a full list of nutty letters Hubbard exchanged with the FBI as well as many letters the general public exchanged with the FBI about the "Communist" Scientology organization.)

Horribly, followers of Scientology publically exhibit such delusional behavior and the list of message subjects below is just a small sample of just how unfortunate followers who subject themselves to Hubbard's pathological hallucinatory delusions can get. Mr. Carl Sagan noted in his last book, "Demon Haunted World" that L. Ron Hubbard had managed to contrive a written process for driving people insane. It looks like Mr. Sagan's summation is unfortunately well evidenced in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup.

We find that all of humanity's woes from Adolf Hitler to practically our coffee being too cold can some how be traced back to the Marcabian conspiracy from outer space working with the mental health industry at the hands of psychiatrists. Scientology blamed the September 11'th terrorist attacks on the mental health industry (see Fortean Times article in extract below.)

Curiously, Scientology's "CCHR" front group has yet to discuss L. Ron Hubbard's insanity or his desperate pleas for psychiatric assistance. Also curiously, one rarely sees the "CCHR" even mention the Marcabs from outer space that are responsible for all this misery. Very mysterious, huh?

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Fortean Times
February 2002

HIEROPHANT - travelling the more disreputable paths of Forteana...

The Church of Scientology keeps flogging away at the dead of September 11. The CoS famously had it in for psychiatrists, psychologists, and to be blunt, anybody capable of picking up on their tommyrot for the transparent nonsense that it is.

So, guess who was actually ultimately responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks? That's right! Psychiatrists! A Church of Scientology front styling itself the "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" has warned that the attacks were "the cowardly actions of weak and insane minds [..] that have been deliberately psychologically indoctrinated to feel nothing about the mass murder of innocent lives."

The real villains of the piece are "psychiatrist and surgeon, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, chief advisor and doctor to Osama bin-Laden, and Ali A. Mohammed, a psychologist who has trained bin-Laden's terrorist troops in combat and psychological warfare."

This is hardly surprising; showing their in-depth knowledge of recent world history, the Church of Scientology warns that "from Hitler, the Bosnia-Kosovo 'ethnic cleansing' of psychiatrist Radovan Karadzic and his patient, Slobovan [sic] Milosevic, [..] the Unibomber [sic] and Oklahoma Bomber here in the U.S., all were reportedly, directly or indirectly, influenced by psychiatric or psychological techniques."

One final note: Last year, 2002, Scientology's leader David Miscaviage told some of his remaining followers that the Japanese had engaged in "suicide bombing" of Pearl Harbor during one of his bizarre speeches. It's significant because it shows the level of scholarship that seems to pass for "good enough" within Scientology.


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