Letter to the Houston Chronicle - 'Harmful Treatment'


Scientology's doublecross

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12 Apr 2002
Letter to the Houston Chronicle - 'Harmful Treatment'

April 12, 2002
Carol Christian
The Houston Chronicle
PO Box 4260
Houston, TX 77210

Dear Ms. Christian:

I read your piece 'Harmful Treatment' yesterday via the Chronicle website.

I found it very disturbing that the CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) was meddling in the tragic Andrea Yates case. The CCHR is a front group for the Scientology cult and not one person in this group has any credentials whatsoever for commenting on medical matters.

I am a former member of the Church of Scientology and a former staff member of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). I found from personal experience that Scientology is a fanatical mind control group that poses as a religion to get out of taxes. L. Ron Hubbard, the wacko founder of Scientology, decreed that Scientology would eradicate Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical companies and would then take over the field of mental health. The CCHR was set up and operates a covert network of agents-members around the country that distributes very rabid anti-psychiatry, anti-pharmaceutical literature. This literature is full of lies and distortions about psychiatric treatment and pharmaceutical medicine.

This is a very insidious operation that is using tax-exempt funds to spreads their hate literature and propaganda. They watch for any situation like the Yates case where they can jump in and attempt to attack psychiatry.

I left a phone message for you and requested that you call me and put me in touch with Dr, Saeed and Dr. Puryear. I would like to fill them in on what is going on here as they may not be aware of what the CCHR really is and the covert operations that they have going on. I will ask you to do what you can to alert the public via your newspaper.

Scientology has caused a lot of trouble for the Eli Lilly company with it's covert attacks on that company and its Prozac product, and recently the Novartis Company and its Ritalin product.

I am enclosing two examples of the distorted literature that the CCHR distributes.

I am at your service at 847-205-1134 and you may give my name and phone number out.


James Beebe


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