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Subject: Does Scientology believe in charity and welfare?
Date: 2000/03/07

Does Scientology believe in charity and welfare?

It does. However, Scientologists also believe in the principle that some form of exchange is necessary in any relationship. If a person only receives and never gives, he will lose his own self-respect and become an unhappy person. Therefore, Scientology-sponsored charity programs often encourage those receiving the charity to make their own contribution in exchange by personally helping others who are in need. Such contributions enable one to receive help and yet maintain his self- respect.

And now for the truth

No, it doesn't. Scientology doesn't believe in charity because followers are told that everyone is responsible for their own condition in life and as such Scientology calls people who need or ask for charity to be "downstat."

The only time the Scientology organization does anything that looks like charity is when there's a public relations effort going on and there are television cameras and newspaper reporters around to watch and report on what they're doing. Indeed, when the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York, the criminal enterprise rushed followers in to try to disrupt the relief efforts while pretending to be some how assisting -- all while wearing bright yellow shirts in the hopes that the television camers would see them (they didn't.)

Inside of Scientology if something doesn't make money for the organization, it's considered "downstat" and something that's not allowed. That's countered by the public relations efforts which appear to have funding; apparently Scientology's ringleaders set aside amounts of money specifically for the public relations efforts to try to make people ignore Scientology's lengthy, endless criminal history.


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