Scientology Enterprise Claims They Stop Crime Some How


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology Enterprise Claims They Stop Crime Some How

The Scientology crime syndicate claims that it some how stops crime some how and then simply by moving in to an area they some how make the crime rate drop. One such outrageous claim can be found here:

The Church of Scientology's presence in Clearwater has also coincided with a dramatic reduction in crime. Recorded at nearly 50 percent above the Florida average before the Church of Scientology arrived, the Clearwater crime rate has since dropped well below average.

Scientology snuck into Clearwater under the fictitious name "United Churches of Florida" in November of 1975. Since that time there have been enough homicides take place inside of Scientology's buildings that the criminal enterprise's main building -- the old Fort Harrison Hotel -- is now known as the "Fort Homicide Hotel." Still, their claim is -- as usual -- impossible to verify and -- also as usual -- the criminal enterprise "forgot" to provide verifiable references for their outrageous claims.

(See for more details.)

Let's take a quick look at a few crime rate statistics for Clearwater for the year 2002 and then compare them against Tampa, Florida. At the same time we'll compare Clearwater and Tampa crime rates against the national average to get a good feel for how Scientology's presence in Clearwater is a calming effect on crime.>

Clearwater FL Crime Statistics (2002 - New Crime Data)

Crime Type                      2002   Total        National
                                Total  Per 100,000  Per 100,000
                                       People       People
Clearwater Murders              7      6.15         5.6
Clearwater Forcible Rapes       51     44.83        33.0
Clearwater Robberies            270    237.34       145.9
Clearwater Aggravated Assaults  795    698.83       310.1
Clearwater Burglaries           1181   1038.14      746.2
Clearwater Larceny/Thefts       3799   3339.46      2445.8
Clearwater Motor Vehicle Thefts 441    387.65       432.1
Clearwater Arsons               37     32.52        N/A
Overall Clearwater Crime Index  6544   5752.41      4118.8

Woops! Clearwater is far above average in crime with the sole exception of automotive theft -- which (as we'll see later) increased significantly in the first six months of the following year. So we know that Scientology does nothing to impact crime rates compared against national averages. Let's see what Tampa, Florida looks like:

Tampa FL Crime Statistics (2002 - New Crime Data)

Crime Type                      2002   Total        National per
                                Total  Per 100,000  Per 100,100
                                       People       People
Tampa Murders                   37     11.66        5.6
Tampa Forcible Rapes            204    64.29        33.0
Tampa Robberies                 2334   735.53       145.9
Tampa Aggravated Assaults       3714   1170.42      310.1
Tampa Burglaries                6283   1980.01      746.2
Tampa Larceny/Thefts            16088  5069.93      2445.8
Tampa Motor Vehicle Thefts      6720   2117.72      432.1
Tampa Arsons                    134    42.23        N/A
Overall Tampa Crime Index       35380  11149.56     4118.8

We see that Tampa is even worse when compared against the national average. We also see that quiet little Clearwater does in fact have smaller per capita incidences of crime in the year 2000 compared against Tampa.

Ain't Scientology wonderful?! Well maybe not. Scientology maintains an even larger presence in Los Angeles so to be fair we have to see how Scientology's calming presence in Los Angeles affects crime.

Crime Type                        2002   Total        National
                                  Total  Per 100,000  Per 100,000
                                         People       People
Los Angeles Murders               654    17.07        5.6
Los Angeles Forcible Rapes        1415   36.94        33.0
Los Angeles Robberies             17197  448.94       145.9
Los Angeles Aggravated Assaults   32429  846.59       310.1
Los Angeles Burglaries            25374  662.41       746.2
Los Angeles Larceny/Thefts        79813  2083.59      2445.8
Los Angeles Motor Vehicle Thefts  34110  890.47       432.1
Los Angeles Arsons                2091   54.59        N/A
Overall Los Angeles Crime Index   190992 4986.01      4118.8

Well, another major Scientology city shows that their effect on crime rates is to increase them significantly. This time motor vehicle thefts are more than double the national average. Since we're looking at the West Coast and we looked at Tampa as well as Clearwater on the East Coast, let's be fair and look at a non-Scientology city on the West Coast to see how Scientology's non-presence affects crime rates.

Crime Type                        2002   Total        National
                                  Total  Per 100,000  Per 100,000
                                         People       People
Glendora Murders                  3      5.86         5.6
Glendora Forcible Rapes           14     27.33        33.0
Glendora Robberies                28     54.66        145.9
Glendora Aggravated Assaults      39     76.13        310.1
Glendora Burglaries               221    431.39       746.2
Glendora Larceny/Thefts           821    1602.58      2445.8
Glendora Motor Vehicle Thefts     127    247.9        432.1
Glendora Arsons                   7      13.66        N/A
Overall Glendora Crime Index      1253   2445.83      4118.8

Wow! The obvious conclusion is that for West Coast cities, Scientology is a major source of crime. Or another obvious conclusion is that having The Skeptic Tank's presence in Glendora causes crime rates to either sink well below the national average or be on a par with the national average.

If you want to take a closer look at Scientology's Clearwater for the year 2000 compared against surrounding cities, check out the following:

City            Crimes per      Year    Year    Year    Average
                100,000 people  2000    2001    2002
Jacksonville                    6662    7011    6943    6872
Tampa                           11344   9809    10968   10707
Miami                           9264    11550   11095   10636
Orlando                         10842   12059   12030   11643
St. Petersburg                  8354    8330    8220    8301
Hialeah                         5283    8107    6159    6516
Tallahassee                     7581    5438    8387    7135
Fort Lauderdale                 7523    8085    8345    7984
Hollywood                       6500    6667    6900    6689
Clearwater                      5964    6142    5326    5810
Pembroke Pines                  3281    3702    3390    3457
Coal Springs                    3193    3073    2804    3023

Golly! Scientology really does drive crime rates down! They must have major offices in Pembroke Pines and Coal Springs that we've never heard about. Oh except that was before the completion of Scientology's "Super Power Building." Let's see how that accomplishment has impacted crime rates in Clearwater:

Crime up in 2 cities, statistics indicate Both Largo and Clearwater have seen an increase in crime this year. "When the economy turns bad, crimes goes up and we are now overwhelmed," says police Chief Lester Aradi.

By CHRIS TISCH, Times Staff Writer
St. Petersburg Times
Published August 30, 2003

Crime has jumped in both Clearwater and Largo in the first six months of 2003, according to statistics released this week.

In Largo, crime was up 7.8 percent compared to the same six-month period last year.

Violent crime surged 37.3 percent, though most of that came in the form of aggravated assaults.

Murders, robberies and forcible sex crimes remained about the same.

Police Chief Lester Aradi did not know why aggravated assaults almost doubled from 59 in 2002 to 98 this year, but said he was looking into it.

"I'm particularly alarmed in a couple areas," he said. "We're researching it right now."

Property crimes in Largo also spiked by 7.8 percent. Burglaries were down by 13.7 percent, but larcenies were up by 8.9 percent and auto thefts swelled by 36 percent.

"When the economy turns bad, crime goes up and we are now overwhelmed," Aradi said.

Aradi said calls for service have risen to an all-time high of more than 50,000 in the first six months of the year, up 13.7 percent compared to last year.

Meanwhile, arrests were up 27.2 percent, traffic citations increased by 34.7 percent and drunken-driving arrests surged by 75 percent.

Aradi said that means his officers are working harder.

He believes his 126-officer force needs more positions, even though he faces the elimination of several civilian employees in the city budget.

"If crime was up and our officers' activity was down, I would know where the problem was," he said. "(But) our officers on the street are running from call to call to call. They're overwhelmed and as the numbers bear out, it's not for a lack of effort on their part."

Clearwater's crime statistics were similar to Largo's for the first six months of this year.

Violent crime shot up 19.7 percent, while property crime was up 4 percent.

Murders fell dramatically, but forcible sex offenses were up 44.9 percent to 71 crimes.

Robberies fell slightly while aggravated assaults were up 26.1 percent.

Clearwater police Sgt. Doug Griffith said it's hard to say why crime was up.

Clearwater's crime was down slightly last year.

"It's like the temperature, it goes up and it goes down," Griffith said.

Clearwater's auto thefts and larcenies are up, but burglaries fell by 11.3 percent compared to last year, which Griffith attributed to a burglary initiative the department has taken up in recent years.

Both agencies compiled the statistics to provide to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI, which will compile state- and nationwide crime statistics in the coming weeks and months.

Chris Tisch can be reached at 445-4156 or

Mysteriously, there was no mention of Scientology's presence in Clearwater affecting crime rates like Scientology likes to claim. And since Scientology wants to pretend that it some how impacts crime in the cities it sneaks into, they must be responsible for the almost 45% increase in sex crimes (which includes rape) and the almost 20% increase in other violent crimes.

Okay, that's enough sillyness. Obviously Scientology is simply lying again, attempting to swindle and rook more people out of their money by pretending they some how make the cities they sneak into safer. Clearwater is no better and no worse than any other city one can point to that has a broad spectrum of typical American humanity living, working, and committing crimes or not as they do.

Scientology's lies are, as usual, completely outrageous and only unthinking customers who have already fallen for the criminal enterprise's frauds are likely to believe anything the enterprise claims.

-=- Part 2 -=-

Scientology claims that it some how reduces the crime rates within the cities it sneaks into. Additional statistical information has been acquired and will be added to the web site shortly however here's a few more facts.

In the year 2003, Pinellas County has the second highest number of firearms related crime among 7 neighboring counties.

Citrus ......... 64
Hardee ......... 30
Hernando ....... 135
Hillsborough ... 2,328
Pasco .......... 284
Pinellas ....... 1,298
Polk ........... 612
Sumter ......... 42
Total .......... 4,793

Scientology claims that Clearwater's crime was 50% higher before they snuck in than today -- a claim we may yet be able to debunk with solid numbers. For now, for the entire State of Florida, a selection of statistics:

Year       Index
1972       390,306
1975       645,263    <--- Year snuck into Clearwater
1980       803,825
1985       860,889
1990       1,139,934
1993       1,42,338   <--- Peak for the data I have
1995       1,090,999  <--- Year they murdered Lisa McPherson
2000       910,154
2002       905,957

Over all of Florida over the past 10 years crime is on the decline up to the year 2000 however since 2000 crime has started to flatten out to a constant and may be on the rise in Clearwater and one other city only.

These files will go up shortly. Some of the statistics data goes back to 1960 ad some of it breaks down Pineallas County into cities while others break Florida into counties. All the data shows that crime is dropping in Florida but that Clearwater and one other city are on the rise and that Clearwater is above national average in all but one category and, according to the year 2003 data, that one category (automotive theft) soared in the first 6 months of that year.

Crime break down for Pinellas counties for 30 cities. Scientology may boast of only three cities having crimes per 100,000 people greater than their Clearwater.

A plot of the city's standings


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