Lies Debunked: Safe: Why Are You Hiding From The Truth!?


Scientology's doublecross

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Subject: Safe: Why Are You Hiding From The Truth!?
Date: 2000/01/31

Dear Safe,

Get a grip, kid. You have yet to refute one single fact I wrote. And that little group of yours has not come back with a single fact contesting any of the lies I exposed in your time track.

I see what you do. You sit and parrot the same message over and over and over again to fill up the newsgroup, hoping no one will bother to scroll down to find the facts I wrote, and instead just blindly accept what you say.

Your other little trick is to blow and start a new threat asking me inane questions, while ignoring the actual FACTS.

You get an "atta boy" from the "critics" like Lerma, Armstrong and Rice and star doing end zone dances. Hey, these guys are happy any time anyone says anything bad about Scientology. In reality they hate you, too, because you still at least profess to have some respect for the Tech.

So, instead of sitting back repeating things to yourself over and over again hoping you can magically make reality go away, try confronting the FACTS. Dig up my posts. They're all there.

And I am still waiting for answers to those FACTS. You have none. I know that. But I'm still waiting nevertheless.

And to Cap -- It depends on how the quote is used. If it is taken out of context in an effort to defame or degrade, I would consider it the product of hate.


And now for the truth

One of the bigger problems that the Scientology organization has is the fact that many Scientologists have left the official organization and have gone on to continue practicing Scientology outside of the organization after they learn about Scientology's extensive criminal history, it's on-going criminal activities, and the fact that the organization has been altering their supposedly inviolate "scriptures."

When such people get in touch with Human Rights activists and Freedom of Speech activists, they're granted provisional respect and over time many earn the respect and even admiration of Activists around the world.

Here you have Scientology's official spokesperson attacking another such Scientologist, a Scientologist by the name of "Mr. Safe." Only Mr. Safe is a Scientologist who is independant and doesn't give any of his money to the Scientology organization. He -- like so many other Scientologists who learned the truth about Scientology's management -- practice Scientology's "Clearing Technology" outside of the official organization. They're allowed to think for themselves.

That alone is a "High Crime" inside of the Scientology organization yet what's even more distressing to the organization is the fact that such people are respected by activists who work to put a stop to Scientology's criminal abuses. Since good, honest, loving, thoughtful Scientologists are granted respect, Scientology's management's lies that activists some how hate Scientologists is evidenced a lie. Activists are working for -- and in many instances have worked with -- Scientologists to regain their freedom, the rights, and their respectability.

Mr. Safe enumerated many of Scientology's "inviolate scriptures" which Scientology has been altering over the years. Additionally Mr. Safe enumerated a large number of criminal indictments handed down to Scientology ringleaders. All of this Mr. Safe and his fellow Scientologists put together into a work called the "Criminal Time Track" of Scientology. All of it completely backed up wuth hard evidence, much of it extracted from the available court record.

This all points out the fact that Scientologists are respected when they're honest, good people. When they're the traditional liars, swindler confidence scam artists of the Scientology organization, it's always the criminal activities of the crooks that Human Rights activists and Freedom of Speech rights activists oppose. The fact that the Scientology organization's official spokesperson doesn't want fellow Scientologists to recognize the fact is very telling. That he or she should make such comments in a public forum for all to see merely shows the lack of thinking on the part of Scientology's management.


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