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Subject: Theta8808
Date: 2000/01/12

Most of you probably have seen the time track posted by someone posting under the name Theta88008. Someone using that same identity, and who gave his name as Bill Harris, emailed the Church asking for our comments to it. I responded. And since I anticipate that some form of my response will make it to this newsgroup, I wanted to make sure you all had an accurate account of it. Thus, I am posting the body of my response here for all to see.

Public Relations

* * * * *

The intent of your time track is to pull people out of Scientology and into a squirrel group you are going to form.

You pretend to be doing this "for the good" of the Tech. But let's be clear about something at the outset: Scientology cannot be delivered without a strong, capable organizational structure behind it.

Ron was very clear about people who would steer Scientologists away from our Churches. Such people are squirrels. They are unable to learn and apply straight Scientology, so they seek to alter it for their own purposes (and cover their tracks by trying to claim that the Church is altering the Tech). A strong Church organization is the last thing such people want. It would thwart their plans. Thus, they attack the Church and its leaders.

You don't have to believe what I say. Here is what Ron said in Ron's Journal 38, "Today and Tomorrow: The Proof" released on New Year's Eve 1983:

"My earnest advice is: Only deal with or associate with those organizations licensed by RTC and auditors in good standing with the Church; close your ears to false statements made by bad hats and thus really clear the planet."

Your time track takes materials alleged in lawsuits and communicates them as "facts" with no documentation, while ignoring the documentation that refutes them and the results obtained in those cases. You have also claimed things were said in private conversations that never occurred or for which there is no record. Where you have included a few facts, your conclusions about them are off the mark.

Let's turn to a few of your allegations. You claim that the Chairman of the Board RTC acquired RTC's rights to the trademarks through some nefarious means. This allegation was first bandied about in 1982, and failed. LRH himself came forward and affirmed in writing that he had granted his trademarks to RTC. His signature was executed in special dated ink made for the purpose by top government experts, and was accompanied by fingerprints in the same ink. There was no question whatsoever that the handwriting was L. Ron Hubbard's handwriting. On the strength of this evidence, the judge threw the case out. LRH also issued the tape recorded New Year's message affirming his faith in RTC and the senior Scientologists who were managing his affairs.

Then, after LRH passed away, his estate was subject to the scrutiny of the Probate Court in San Luis Obispo. You claim there were 14 challenges to the estate. What you omitted was that they all FAILED. LRH's estate planning passed muster and the estate closed.

Finally in 1997, the subject was raised again by an unethical attorney seeking to make a fast buck. He was thrown out of court in 15 minutes.

You also omitted that LRH filed his tax returns every year and the IRS examined them very closely. They never found anything wrong. And once they were gotten to sit down and examine the documentation of the organization and activities of our Churches, the IRS concluded that the Churches are organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious purposes, and that no part of the earnings of these Churches benefits any private citizen. Neither you, nor any of your fellow-squirrels, have a clue how intense and exact those IRS examinations were.

In other words, not one single allegation you raise about the organization, financial flows, or control of the Churches of Scientology has any basis in fact. Yet, the documents that the Churches supplied to the government in support of tax exemption are public record.

As to the validity of the copyrights, these have been tested in a number of cases in the United States and abroad. All challenges to them have failed. In fact, the exact allegation you make as to the alleged public domain status of the copyrights was made by Vaughn Young and Jesse Prince in Bridge Publications v. FACTNet. It went nowhere. That case resulted in the defendants stipulating to the entry of a permanent injunction against infringing on L. Ron Hubbard's copyrights, with a one million dollar judgment due and payable if they ever violate the injunction.

It would be silly to get into a point-counterpoint discussion of all 100 pages of your time track. But I do want to ask you something. Did you know that the people helping you compile your data for you and upon whom you are relying Jesse Prince and Stacy Young mostly) have been paid by Robert Minton to lie about Scientology? I'm sure you knew this. I'm equally certain that they are involved in your little endeavor. So that raises a question: Are you being paid by Minton, too?

And now for the truth

That was the Scientology organization's official response to the Criminal Time Track document which enumerated much of Scientology's crimes. The Time Track document should be reviewed in some detail if you're interested in the background of Scientology yet also it should be read so that you can see the 99% of the documentation which the organization refused to address outright. It's very telling.

Let's take a look at what the organization did lie about:

This document is included on the Volunteer Ministers web site because it shows how Scientology deals with issues brought up by Scientologists. To be brief, they:

At minimum it's interesting to note for purposes of the Volunteer Ministers web site that Scientologists are not allowed to practice Scientology unless they pay the Scientology organization large amounts of money for the dubious privelage. And here we have the Scientology organization's official spokesperson admitting it publically, calling such people who don't give them money "squirrel groups."

Do real religions behave like this?


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