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Subject: In what way does Scientology differ from other religions?
Date: 2000/03/07

In what way does Scientology differ from other religions?

Nearly all religions share a belief in helping man live a better life. In Scientology, this concept is expressed as one of the aims of the Church, which is to achieve a world without insanity, war and crime.

While Scientology has much in common with other religions in this regard, particularly in terms of its basic religious concepts and its outreach into the community with social reform programs, the most valuable asset that Scientology has to offer is a wealth of technology which brings about greater spiritual awareness.

Unlike some religions which believe that man is intrinsically evil, Scientology believes man is basically good. The Scientology religion offers practical tools one can use to better oneself and others. Some religions offer salvation in the hereafter, while

Scientology offers certainty of eternal salvation now.

Scientology makes it possible for any religion to attain its goals and is therefore a religion of religions.


And now for the truth

And that's complete nonsense. To start with, Scientlogy isn't a religion; it's organized crime. Scientology's Primary Operating Policy is to make money, not to help others "live a better life."

As for Scientology's claims to be all for a world without war or crime, it's ironic because Scientology is organized crime. As for Scientology's claims of having an "outreach," or to have "social reforms," those are lies, to: Scientology doesn't do anything unless it's designed to make money, try to get their mad messiah's freakishly bizarre notions accepted outside of Scientology, or for public relations efforts designed to try to make the organized crime syndicate some how overcome its well documented criminal history and current criminal activities.

What the Scientology spokesperson doesn't mention is the fact that their "eternal salvation" costs you big bucks. In order to even find out about the Galactic ruler named Xenu and the invisible infestation of murdered space aliens called Body Thetans, you have to pay the Scientology organization hundreds of thousands of dollars and then you start to be allowed to pay for the "auditing" to scrape off these murdered aliens that cling to you.

The fact that Scientology isn't compatible with most religions is covered elsewhere on this web site -- most notable What Christians Should Know about Scientology. Indeed, many of the web pages on this Volunteer Ministers web site covers Scientology's bizarre notions about how people are infested with murdered space aliens, how Scientology is organized crime, and how Scientology isn't compatible with most religions.

All Scientology wants is your money and they'll offer thousands of lies -- both contradictory and demonstrably false -- in the hopes that some of their lies will prompt people to sign up for the organization's dubious -- and often deadly -- "courses."


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