9/11: FOX Network Suckered In By Scientology Fraud


Scientology's doublecross

Forward: Here we have one of the scumbags gloating about rooking the morons over at FOX "News." The scumbag laughs at suckering the idiots at FOX in to displaying a telephone number for the notorious Scientology corporation's fraud under the guise of disaster relief. In terms of unethical quack medical fraud, it doesn't get any more disgusting than this.

9/11: FOX Network Suckered In By Scientology Fraud

New York Handling Briefing:

This morning we received a call from FOX TV in New York. They wanted to know if we were handling the Mental Health needs of people. We said yes we were and so they have now posted the DIANETICS HOT-LINE NUMBER on their channel and we have come to find out that we are posted on four different TV stations in New York as well as on national TV as the number to call for mental help.

They have scrolling across the bottom of the screen on local and national TV three numbers to call: Mental Health (our 1-800 number), the Red Cross number and a Hospitalization number.


The 1-800 phones at BPI are ringing off the hook. We are taking approximately 50 calls every 35 minutes average, sometimes more sometimes less.

The calls include people who need help and psychologists and psychiatrists, counselors, etc.

We are directing them to the local Church of Scientology. Telling them they need to go there as we are coordinating with the RED CROSS too and they are totally in tune, they just want to help any way they can.

POLICE, FIREMEN, DOCTORS and NURSES are being trained on our assists.

The Volunteer Ministers are rocking out there. They a. re doing assists on people, the people get better and put on a yellow shirt and start helping.


from the Dir of Sales of Bridge Publications Inc.


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