Kim P Covers Scientology's Breaking-up of Families


Scientology's doublecross

Kim P Covers Scientology's Breaking-up of Families

The COS does not allow anyone to doubt or to speak out against its unethical and immoral policies. People who do run the risk of "disconnection" from their friends, or family members who may be on lines.

Does disconnection work? It does - for some - it is used to isolate the critic from loved ones and the member from the critic (who may only have questions about the unethical and immoral policies of the COS).

What is the cost of disconnection? Ask Ida Cambrun - she was disconnected from her son in a most public and hideous manner to inflict as much pain and hurt as possible.

Ask Tom Padgett - he has had to endure more pain and suffering because of his refusal to be involved in scientology - he only wanted to be a Dad to his kids - yet he has consistantly been refused that right - why? Because he speaks out against the abusive and unethical policies of the COS.

Ask Phinneas - he only spoke in the gentlest of ways against the immoral and unethical behaviours he saw in the COS. What did it cost him? Peace in his family - and the ability to communicate with all of his family members. He commited no crime, did nothing bad yet his sister was forced to disconnect from him in order to stay on the bridge.

Ask Vicky Ford - she left the cos and now does not even know where her son is. He has been disconnected from her. SHe has done nothing more than leave the COS - and yet she has been branded a criminal for commiting the High Crime of leaving the bonds of COS.

How many others are out there? Who knows - we only know about the ones have been told about. How many mothers and fathers do not know where their children are or if they are all right? How many children secretly wonder if their parents still love them?? How many families see the empty place at the CHristmas Dinner table and wonder if they will ever see their loved on again?

This is the "most ethical group on the planet" - the group that claims "communication is the universal solvent" yet it uses the unethical and immoral practise of dividing families, setting people against one another. Creating enemies and hate instead of reaching out and finding a way to agree to disagree.

This "ethical" group punishes those who ask questions and those who doubt by disconnecting them from thier peers thorugh the RPF and the RPF'sRPF. This "ethical" group disconnects families within by creating children's berthing and groupinmg children together under the care of "nannies" who apply hubbard tech to even the smallest of children.

This "ethical" group furthers disconnection by severely ;limiting (if not outright banning) family time - making it impossible for families to bond as they should. This "ethical" group creates pain and suffering (even for its own followers)by making it impossible for parent/child relationships to develop normally- for children to be with and learn from thier grandparents. This "ethical" group creates mistrust, discord, and paranoia among its adherents by using such things as the KR (where individuals can report "unethical" behaviour of fellow scientologists) and Sec Checks (where individuals are carefully probed for doubt or some other imaginary crime).

Even young children are submitted to Child Sec Checks - one of the most hideous documents I have ever seen -guarenteed to make any child paranoid,and to supress natural and normal curiosity. This "ethical" group uses fear and suspicsion to make even the "normal" act of dating and inter-sex relationships difficult. Labeling behaviours in such a way as to make them "wrong" before they start. Creating an entire control mechanism (external and internal) which would make "normal" relating impossible.

Ah yes - disconnection works so well - yet it is only a control mechanism that only the desparate and evil would use. This "ethcial" group needs to see what it looks like to the real world.

Disconnection is cruel, unthical, and immoral.

Kim P


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