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Subject: Disconnection
Date: 1998/09/08

RE: Disconnection

This subject has come up from time to time and here is the simplicity of it:

If an individual attempting to improve his life through Scientology is encountering persistent opposition from a close associate, his spiritual advancement is impeded.

In the vast majority of cases, the antagonism is rooted in false information about Scientology and providing the true data ends the matter along with communciation to smooth out the situation with another person. As a last resort, when all attempts to sort out and handle such situations have failed, the Scientologist may decide to disconnect from the person until the antagonism ceases. During this time there is no communciation between the two individuals. It is something like trying to deal with a criminal for example. If he will not handle, the society resorts to the only other solution -- it disconnects the criminal from society. In other words, they remove the guy from society and put him in prison because he won't handle the problem or otherwise cease to commit criminal acts against others.

A person who disconnects is simply exercising his right to communicate or not to communicate with a particular person. This is one of the most fundamental rights of man. Members of other religions have exercised it down the ages when confronted by those who persistently opposed the practice of their faiths. Jehovah's Witnesses and the Amish practice "shunning" -- a form of disconnection -- and their right to do so has been upheld by courts across the country. Certain Orthodox Jewish congregations practice an extreme form of disconnection in which a mock funeral is held for apostate members.

Disconnection in Scientology is neither new nor unusal in the annals of religion.

Public Relations
Church of Scientology International

And now for the truth

Scientology just lied to you -- and lied big.

Scientology's policy of "disconnection" is applied when ever a follower is in danger of thinking for themselves due to someone outside of the organization giving the Scientologist information about Scientology.

Scientology orders followers to disown their own family and other loved ones when family give the Scientologist information which shows that Scientology is a criminal organization. Any time a loved one tries to show a Scientologist what Scientology is really all about, the criminal enterprise will order its follower to "disconnect" from their loved one to keep that follower inside the organization and, of course, to keep that follower handing over her money to Scientology.

What are some of the consequences followers of Scientology face if they refuse to stop talking with their family and others about Scientology's crimes? Well, if the Scientologist has either no money or has no prospects for ever getting much money, they're eventually ejected from the organization. They're "declared suppressive persons" and then they become Fair Game.

Here's an example:

Greg Barnes <>
12 Feb 2002

Last week Kit Yarbrough was declared. Her crime? Not disconnecting from her livelyhood and from Greg and Debra Barnes.

Kit has two sisters and a mother in CW. One of the sisters calls her 82 year old father who lives in Texas to tell him that she is disonnecting from him because he will not stop talking to his daughter Kit.

Kits dad has not been active with the cult for some 10 years or more but none the less he gets the disconnection as well.

Kits mother and two sisters had previously stopped associating with Kit because she refused to give up her business and disconnect from us. The sisters and mother even refused to come to Kits daughters wedding late last year.

Now this man is in the twilight of his life and his daughter is no longer going to speak to him and she probably won't go to his funeral either. This is such sick behavior but so standard for the robots of this cult.

My hopes go out to Kits dad to somehow make peace with this insanity.

Guess this must be the new Golden Age of Tech on creating good will and maintaining friendly relations..... go Davey go you just lowered the 8 million members (LOL.)


There are many excuses the organization makes to try to explain away why they order followers to disown family -- which includes divorcing their wives. (And, of course, Scientology's "disconnection" policy also means that followers don't have to pay child support. Since the children no longer exist, there's no need to pay child support.)

Here's another personal statement by someone who was ordered to "disconnect" from their family:

ladayla <>
12 Jan 2002

My story is very different from Tory's.

At the time (1983) when I left huborg, most all my friends were already out. The Missionholders' Conference debacle plus the IHelp Org had caused a great exodus to occur. We banded loosely together in the FAIR lawsuit, and in a group established by Mark Jones called Council For Spiritual Integrity.

During the first 3 years of my resigning from huborg, my husband continued giving them money. Thousands of dollars. Every month. I didn't say much about it, but I left entheta news articles around where he would see them.

He met Bent Corydon at our house. He met David Mayo and John Sanborn, and any number of newly declared SP's. Still he wanted to be involved with huborg. So, he had his Bridge paid for, and he routed onto Solo course at ASHO fdn.

He was on course a couple days when his supervisor routed him to Ethics. Rather than going to the Ethics Officer, he left the Org. He knew that the choice would be huborg or me.

He chose me! We had been married only a couple years. We are now married (and completely satisfied about it) for a bit more than 20 years.

On the other hand, my daughter chose huborg. She disconnected from not only me, but from her sister, neice and nephew, grandmother, etc. My whole family. I don't know if she has contact with her father or not. She says her life is happier without me in it.

So. There ya go.


It's all about money with Scientology. Above you read the official spokesperson lying about how it was applied to criminals, wife beaters, and Jews. In actual fact we find that's never the case: It's always ordered when one family member, friend, co-worker, other other loved one gives a Scientologist information about Scientology -- in the previous account "entheta" -- and tries to help heir loved one escape from Scientology's clutches.


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