Scientology Orders Sister To Abandon Her Family


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology Orders Sister To Abandon Her Family

From: Lilah
To: Phineas

Thursday, November 28, 2002 4:46 AM

I've noticed in my deleted email folder there is an email from you.

You are on my block sender list Phineas. Don't bother sending any email or responding to this one, they are automatically trashed and even if I do see that they are there, like this morning, they won't be read. I have instructed Mother and Sandy not to forward any comm from you. Just to ensure there is no misduplication Phineas, I have disconnected from you.

Sorry things have come to this but when I saw where your head was really at, I had no choice but to disconnect from the venome you have against what I do spiritually - and I've commented on your venome several times. I suppose it wasn't the venome per se, but the fact that I saw nothing would change it.

I cannot be connected to someone who is so against me (and all my friends) spiritually and by whose actions are clearly destructive, though purporting, all the while, not to be.

If you have an ounce of consideration for our Mother, please do not discuss your views with her anymore, even if she asks. They never help, they only enturbulate her and there is no reason to do this. Scientology has only helped her (via me) - so there is no constructive reason to try destroy the good rapport she feels for it. Lilah,


Dear Lilah,

I am saddened that you feel this way, for I have no ill feelings towards you. Your belief that I am against you and your friends is untrue. Yes, I criticize Scientology, and a lot of other things, too, and so does Andy Rooney.

If criticism were equivalent to hate, then it must true you hate everyone you love.

Despite your feelings towards me, I have no ill feelings towards you, and wish you well.



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