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Scientology's doublecross

Hi again everyone!

Well I'm here to pass on more theta. I arrived today along with 16 other Volunteer Ministers to the "base" which is located at Stuyvesant High School, about 1/4 mile from the disaster site.

I initially spent my time just unpacking food and handing out water. There were so many volunteers from the Red Cross and Salvation Army too and it became apparent to me and a couple of others that we needed to do more!

There was a very large barricade there manned by both Police and Military and they absolutely refused to let us though. The SO member in charge of the VM's "snuck" about 5 of us in another way and on the way we gave out cold drinks to tired rescue workers.

We stayed in the pier area right near the site for awhile, helping to unload TONS of supplies arriving by boat. Let me just say this - the amount of generous contributions to this effort are AMAZING! McDonalds, Outback Steakhouse, Uncle Ben's sent in a huge food truck, Fruit, and just thousands and thousands of water bottles (I haven't even mentioned 1% of the food).

There was also tons of free work gloves, respirators (which we all needed to wear but by the end of the night it just became to cumbersome), batteries, flashlights, boots and on and on and on.

One thing that particularly touched me was all the handmade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and my favorite - the bottles of water that children had taped notes on saying things like, "You're my hero, thank you for everything you're doing, Be safe" etc.... From there a couple of us moved right to the disaster site. It was an unbelievable scene definitely nothing like I actually expected. It wasn't even upsetting, just very surreal to see the skeleton of what use to be the towers and just all the rubble.

Anyway, we of course jumped right in and helped by giving out food, drinks, unpacking etc... Soon thereafter we set-up an area for assists right there next to the medical area - outside. We put out 3 cots and we started body routing people in for nerve assists. I had the pleasure of giving a nerve assist to a very nice but tired gentleman from the PA Search & Rescue Team and then gave him a locational afterwards. He was very VGIs. Well we were successfully doing this for quite awhile until all of a sudden we heard some type of screams and saw this huge cluster of firefighters and police officers running in our directions (hundred of them to give you an idea).

Carol (the VM I was working with at the time) and I ran so fast towards what we later found out was the Morgue and our lives just past by our eyes (ironically). We were convinced that some building was crashing down on us.

Actually what had happened was some debris had in fact fallen a little bit away from us but not right above us and just the sheer act of everyone running out of there scared us to death!!!

So we start walking back to our cots and some rescue worker had fallen during the run and was hurt. So immediately we went to comfort him as he looked very frightened. I got the number for his home and for his office and starting using my cell phone to inform them of his being injured but totally fine while Carol kept holding his hand. Keep in mind cell phones don't work down there like they use to so I had to keep hitting send to get through so it was crazy!

After that, I moved over to the triage center thinking to myself that the possibilities of any one of these other structures coming was very real as none of them were truly intact and stable but I thought "Oh well! If I'm going to die let me die doing this!" then I stopped thinking about it.

At this point my adrenaline was speeding and I was doing things in triage like pulling of wet socks off this guy who'd been up for like 24 hours and getting him dry socks and bigger underwear (no kidding), new shoes (all from wonderful donations!) and powdering his feet after the medics handled his blisters. I made sure that we got him food and drink and supplied him with extra for his colleagues. We had to find batteries and more medical supplies and on and on. In addition, I heard from several firefighters that they had just found 25 people alive!!

Now hours later I don't see any of this in the news, so I'm a little bit worried now that somehow this was wrong or altered data. I definitely heard some higher up in the Fire department say that they found them all together and alive so I'M PRAYING that this is accurate and being that media were NOT allowed down there they just haven't heard yet. I hung out there for a long time and even saw the "pit" which is basically all the rubble that the workers were going through and I was happy that this not enturbulate me but made me just feel proud to be on this team and helping.

The one thing I truly want to share is that in the 9 hours I spent down there today NOT ONCE did I see someone angry or upset or downtone. Not one argument or anything which would be expected at such a sad time and with so much outruds. EVERYONE was a team!! And I'm proud to report that everyone appreciated us in the Yellow Shirts! WE were there and we helped out in everyway we could. This included being in comm with people and just making them smile!!! I was running the team after our last I/C had left and afterwards it made me wish I was on staff! The camaraderie I experienced today is like one I never have before. There were literally thousands of workers comprised of police, firefighters, paramedics, electricians, iron workers, sanitation and more and it was just so great to be there and helping.

Carol and I left together and as we're walking down this big street away from the site this really nice Salavation Army volunteer offered us food and water (we looked really dirty and tired) and I accepted some water and thought how funny to end my day on the other end of the flow.

I'm tired now and please excuse any grammatical or spelling mistakes and I'm sure I've missed out on a few things but I think this is good for now and I'll be going back tomorrow.

They were starting to make it more difficult to get in and out of there but we can do it again!!!

Much love and MUCH THETA,

What can I say. Wow. I was glad to be able to contribute but I have truly gotten the mass of what has happened here and seen it for myself and I have to admit - I've had a moment or sadness and a reality adjustment to be sure.

Just before our trip to ground zero (as it's now called) we had a candle light vigil outside of the org. Many people in the streets at the Broadway theatres also were standing outside lending each other a light.

The two people I was with (arrived all the way from Florida) and I, walked down 46th street with candles lit, and I sang a song appropriate to the moment. A lady walked up to us and asked us how long the vigil would be going on for - I looked at her and said 'as long as you decide to" and she acknowledged me by saying " this is nice." We created a very theta effect.

Slightly later on, there was a van load of us (about 12) and we drove down the west side highway (which was eerily empty - with the exception of the Intrepid with her lights strewn from her mast marking her as the landmark that she is) and drove past one of the shelters at the Chelsea Peers. As we got closer to the place where we were going, we trailed a marked police car to the other rescue vehicles on the way. Many clusters of people along the way were clapping and cheering us (and others allowed to help) on.

When we got as far as we could go in the traffic of dump trucks, police and army vehicles, we all got out and walked the remaining stretch of highway together down to the high school where the shelter was put for the relief of the workers that are down there.

I'd like to add, that amongst the Mounties, the army, the police and all of the other people that were placed along side the road to STOP anything that was able to be stopped, WE were easily able to glide past them. In the end, THEY were the one's who told US how to get by THEM. ("Just say that you're RELIEF") the secret password has been given to us!

I had a moment of pride, and felt their flow of commradeiere. (Us in our yellow t-shirts, and them in their green camouflage - deep stuff!)

I took on the hat of "Chick who served dinner" on the hot food line - and served an army (or two) of fire men, police men, paramedics, you NAME it -- their dinner. Or breakfast. Who knows!

What I can tell you though - is that everyone there was tired, but glad to be creating an effect. There were VM's who were brand new and TAUGHT ME assists that I could deliver before we left for the area, and the general need and want that I observed today was that they were just happy to have us there - holding up their space and flowing them theta. And being in comm.

And so much of them were thanking us -- and we were thanking them -- and it was all very thankful and appreciative!

I loved it!

Oh, and as a side note, I was very pleased to see the "Mental health" section empty, and Kumi Kimball's assist cot FULL -- every single time I had the opportunity to venture away from my post for a break! It was a beautiful thing!

I have never experienced what I did today - as regards to the kindness, and generosity, and closeness of all of our separate groups - brought together.

And pardon me if I "wax sentimental" but, one of my personal favorite demo's (when done right) is "What is a team." And I saw one, and got to add my theta flow, and something I am quite good at (I even sang while serving dinner on occasion by request... yes, it pays to have a repetoir!) - and witnessed that everyone was doing what they should be doing, while they were doing it.

This is a truly beautiful thing, and I was glad to be there - and know that I will sleep like a baby tonight because I helped.

Upon leaving, the flow was returned by people on the side of the streets - asking us if we wanted water, or Gatorade - passing us gift bags made by the children of a local Catholic school.

I am truly touched - and especially glad and grateful for those who are coming to New York from California to help us despite the counter intention that has demonstrated it's presence.

I thank you and New York thanks you.


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