Last Intercept of Secret E-Mail
Covering Volunteer Minister Scam


Scientology's doublecross

NOTE: This is the last one that was intercepted since, as you can see in the intercept, the "Volunteer Ministers" found out that their secret admissions of deliberate attempts to disrupt the relief efforts, sneaking through police lines, and lying to officers claiming to be relief workers was all intercepted and being exposed to law enforcement agencies, FEMA, news agencies, and all over the Internet.

The individual who assisted in leaking the information was apparently never captured and is still apparently in a position to intercept such evidence however the Volunteer Minister crooks were forced to stop lying to fellow Scientologists through e-mail and was forced to do it word of mouth. Who ever that individual is, we all owe him or her a very large debt of gratitude for his or her work in exposing this scam.

This is just going to be a quick communication to the group!

As part of a briefing given to a group going to ground zero this evening (some folks from LA), we were informed not to give out any information about what is going on down there via the internet.

However, we are allowed to call people to share the good news, or news in general.

This restriction was communicated as being necessary in that the internet can be infiltrated, and possibly this information could be gotten into the wrong hands, altered, etc.

Therefore I am afraid that I can not give you all the kinds of detailed messages as I have been in the past, and I am sorry for that.

However, I think that I can say with certainty that we are TRULY one of only 4 groups allowed into ground zero. This is a known fact and even the reporters are green with envy I assure you.

Any debriefing by any VM is being typed up and sent via pr and media uplines daily, and we will all be given great news.

But please know that GREAT things are actually happening everyday, and I want to again acknowledge you for the great acknowledgements that you have sent to me and to the people here. We thank you, and we thank you for the loans of your fabulous people who are doing a phenomenal job and are adding theta to the space.

New York thanks you and I love you all.


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