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Subject: Scientologists' Families
Date: 2000/03/06

How does the Church view relationships between a Scientologist and family members who are not Scientologists?

The Church encourages and helps its members to have excellent family relationships, whether or not their relatives are Scientologists. In fact, relationships between a Scientologist and the rest of his family routinely improve after he begins practicing Scientology because he has acquired the means to increase communication and address and resolve any problems that might have existed.

The Church goes to great lengths to reconcile family differences should a problem arise. For example, Scientology Chaplains will assist family members to come together and work to discover the real cause of their disagreements. Friends and family of Scientologists are always welcome to visit the Church, to meet other Scientologists and to have any questions they may have about Scientology answered. Regardless of whether the other family members choose to become Scientologists or not, Scientologists take deep pride in their record of resolving family problems and conflicts.


And now for the truth

Everything the Scientology spokesperson just said is a lie. One looks at the history of Scientology and how it handles people who are not followers of their criminal enterprise to see just how much of a "whopper" Scientology's claims here are. Let's take a look one at a time:

We've taken time looking at Scientology's claims about family since the organization desperately wants to gain some kind of acceptance out in the real world and nobody can disagree that family is one of the most important aspects of society which works to hold society together. The basis of Scientology's involvement with the families of followers of the organization, however, is solely a financial one with the hope of getting as much money out of their victims as possible for as long as possible.


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