How can people who presume to do good cause so much pain?


Scientology's doublecross

Warrior <>
How can people who presume to do good cause so much pain ?
28 Mar 2002

"Outlander" wrote:

I heard today of a case in England from a lady my wife knows well. She is married to a Scientologist - he was not one when they married. So far he has cleared out their joint bank account, given the church ALL his money, and now the church are actually pushing him to re-mortgage their house! She is a lovely honest and openly kind lady but this episode has broken her. She loves him dearly but has recently been to a solicitor to look explore divorce just to protect what little money she has left.

The lawyer told her that being married to a Scientologist in the UK is one of the few "immediate grounds for divorce" in our country. She does not want to divorce him, she loves him, and she has tried to support him, but things as you can see are getting well out of hand.

Does the Church condone such behaviour? What internal checks do you have to ensure that your staff do not exert undue pressure in the pursuit of financial gain? It certainly sounds like the staff concerned are more interested in money than his personal well being.

Apart from my abhorrence at such reported events, what I really don't understand is how a Church that preports to help its members can get away with such pressure. I could understand purging ones sole by donating all your worldly goods to the poor, but to be pressured into giving over all your money and then pressured into taking out loans of such magnitude for the cleansing offered seems just plain wrong, let alone a bit weird and frightening.

If there is a church member monitoring these messages maybe you can explain how taking all this persons money, destroying his marriage and turning him against all his friends is helping him ? And please, do not answer "you don't understand" - I have researched your church in some detail and am now deciding what to do about you - but first thought it only fair to give you an opportunity to discuss your side. I would have mailed you but there are no e-mail links on the official sites I have found.

Why are you taking all these peoples money, getting them into dept with little or no likelihood they can meet the repayments, and where is the money going exactly, Can I get a copy of your accounts in the UK? or indeed world-wide ? How are you accountable, and to whom ?

I look forward to your response. Please make it public on this news group, I feel this is a conversation best held in the public Eye.

Also, can you confirm ( or deny ) the circulated information pertaining to Xenu ? The preported story at the Centre of your religion.

This is my first post. I look forward to your answer. I will of course not reveal either my nor the subjects identity further to reading some of the scare stories about the church and related activities. So don't ask.

Please appreciate the manner in which this investigation is being done and act in kind. Honest and open communication is the order of the day, I do not wish to receive a pile of propaganda, just straight answers to straight questions.

Any third party comments are welcome.

Warrior wrote:

Hi Outlander,

I'm an ex-Scientologist who was a member for 14 years, including almost eight years working within the Sea Organization. Most of those years I worked in finance at an "advanced organization" called The American Saint Hill Organization ("ASHO").

I'm sorry to hear of this sad situation; it is standard procedure for Scientology's salespeople (called registrars, or "regges" in cult lingo) to take *everything* the member has, including savings, life insurance, stock and bonds, home equity, cash advances on credit cards, etc. If one spouse objects, the cult will put pressure on the one with the money to "handle" or disconnect from the partner.

Scientology is a ruthless, global scam that cares not one damn iota about destroying marriages and family relationships, bankrupting individuals, and driving people completely insane. The "church" not only condones such behavior, it actively encourages it since it has policies that dictate the actions you have told about.

Oh, for sure they will *say* otherwise; they will *say* "don't listen to former members with an axe to grind", but their actions tell the truth of the matter, as you have apparently already discovered.

All Scientology cares about is the MONEY. Please tell your wife's friend I am praying that her husband comes to his senses soon. Maybe someone can talk some sense into him, or perhaps get him to start reading information from sources other than Scientology. Hopefully he is not too brainwashed yet.

Check out my web site, and feel free to contact me. I'll help in any way I can.

[posted & mailed]

All the best,
Warrior - Sunshine disinfects


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