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VMs at flood sites
23 Aug 2002

Cult commissioner warns of Scientologists taking advantage of the floods, says that Scientology "volunteer ministers" are trying to recruit relief workers

Berlin, Germany, 23 August 2002 press release from the State church office for cult and worldview issues of the Berlin-Brandenburg Evangelical Church

After their annoying interference with the 9-11 relief measures in New York, the advertising effort after the school shooting in Erfurt, and an attempt to recruit survivors and relief workers at the site of the Russian air crash at Bodensee, Scientology's Volunteer Ministers are now making a pitch for volunteers among students along the flood plains of the Elbe River.

August 21, 22 and 23 Scientology recruiters offered "Touch- Assist" pseudo-therapy, as well as back massages to relief workers at the Perleberg Airport. They left on the 23rd and it is to be expected they will show up at other high-water areas along the Elbe, following the flood.

Scientology's attempts to use catastrophes for advertising is connected with its furious efforts to alter its image while recruiting new staff at the same time.

After Erfurt and the Bodensee, the Scientology recruiters set up their tents on Alexander Square in Berlin and in the vicinity of the Technical University (TU) with some degree of success. (reference: Berliner Zeitung of July 4, 2002, "Handauflegen gegen Ohnmacht und Schmerzen - Die Scientologen werben wieder - um Nothelfer")

a) Perleberg

An article from an Internet news magazine reported the following in connection with efforts of a students group from Kleinmachnow near Berlin to transport sandbags to the airport in Perleberg:

"In this sort of situation the Scientology Church is getting closer to the young people than would otherwise be possible. Cult members offer massages to the burdened relief workers. "That's how you catch a mouse, with cheese," Ms. Morling, a teacher, pulled a wry face in comment. The Scientology body-kneaders had only limited success with the Waldorf students. A 14-year-old girl said that as much as she hurt, she didn't want them or their massages anywhere near her."

(The whole story:,1518,210617,00.html)

b) Alleged Scn help in New York - Internal Strategy revealed

Except from a letter to the editor: " ... [as to] The claim that Scientology some how contributed to the relief efforts in New York after the terrorist attacks.

In short, no, they did not; that's a lie. A more detailed examination into what the sinister Scientology organization did in New York finds that the approximately 15 to 20 Scientologist that came to New York after the attacks were there trying to disrupt the relief efforts by sneaking under police lines, deliberately trying to intercept victims and family members of victims of the terrorist attack from getting to mental health workers at Ground Zero.

The Scientologists who snuck in had to be escorted out from the restricted areas, the American Red Cross had to issue statements stating that Scientology wasn't acting on their behalf, and even FEMA joined the Red Cross in issuing statements about criminal organizations trying to take financial advantage of the terrorist attacks.

Exact details of what Scientology was trying to do by disrupting the relief efforts was disclosed in a series of secret e-mails which followers of the notorious organization were sending to each other, all of which are currently available on the Internet with specific attention at the web site.

Once Scientology realized that human rights activists had infiltrated their mailing list, Scientology sent a final e-mail explaining why they could not continue to send 'updates' on what they were up to in New York through the mailing list." --
From: COSVM) Subject: Scientology story lacked information -- It sure did!
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 03:11:29 GMT

2. More advertising more carefully

The Scientologists have found telemarketing, as reported from Switzerland and Berlin. Scientologists harvest names from the telephone book to either write people or telephone them and ask questions like, "What would you do to improve your life situation?" They try to involve the individuals thus contact in personal conversations and sell them Scientology books.

It was also reported from Zurich that Scientologists, like Jehovahs Witnesses or Mormons, are going from door to door to push their books. The public relations department of Scientology Zurich has even said it had gotten state permission to do so.

More on events in Zurich was reported by Hugo Stamm in the Zurich Tages-Anzeiger on August 5, 2002

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