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Date: 1998/09/12


In the United States, the Church published a booklet entitled How to Use the Freedom of Information Act. This booklet contains simple directions to assist members of the public in the use of Freedom of Information laws. To encourage widespread use of these laws by citizens, the Church placed sample "request for information" forms as advertisements in newspapers. Readers cut these out and sent them in to government agencies from which they were seeking information about themselves.

Today, when the Church encounters false reports about Scientology in government records, it still acts vigorously to correct them. And, to further assist others to locate and correct false reports about themselves in government files, the Church has not only become a champion of freedom in the United States but has helped to bring about Freedom of Information legislation in France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Belgium.

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And now for the truth

These claims are somewhat amusing given the fact that Scientology was responsible for the single largest and widespread incidence of domestic espionage in America's history. The massive criminal racketeering acts were called "Operation Snow White" when Scientology drafted their plans. The Volunteer Ministers web site covers Scientology's lies about these massive crimes in a number of other web pages found here:

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Scientology's ringleaders want to claim that they engage in espionage, breaking and entering, wire tapping, stalking, and numerous other racketeering activities because there are massive government conspiracies out there and Freedom of Information Act requests often yield forgeries. Amusingly, when the Scientology organization worked to get passage of the Freedom of Information Act, it was to acquire their mad messiah's Navy records which, they thought, would support L. Ron Hubbard's outrageous claims about being some kind of war hero.

When the FOIA passed, the criminal enterprise filed requests and got back information that was completely at odds with what their mad messiah had been telling them all those years; lies which the Scientology organization had bee telling their victims and the world at large for decades which were now found to be complete fabrications.

Rather than accept the fact that Hubbard had been rooking his own leaders all along, the organization promptly proclaimed Hubbard's Navy records forgeries and as I recall the insane nuts even instigated a series of lawsuits against various military and government agencies with the amusing claims that maybe Hubbard was an intelligence officer and his records were some kind of cover.

That set the stage for what the criminal enterprise did next. Since Scientology is an organized crime syndicate with an extensive criminal history, Scientology couldn't break through that some times nebulous barrier between organized crime and a real religion, something that Hubbard wanted to pretend in order to qualify for tax exemption status so that he and his cohorts could retain more of the take.

Since Scientology's criminal history was -- and is -- widely known within law enforcement agencies the world over and within the many intelligence agencies of the world, Hubbard and his fellow criminals created "Operation Snow White" which was an effort to erase Scientology's history. Literally, they wanted to make L. Ron Hubbard's history "snow white" so that the criminal enterprise he created could grow and acquire tax exemption.

To that end the Scientology organization started infiltrating government agencies, breaking into document storage facilities, and started stealing and often destroying embarrasing -- and truthful -- information about the Scientology crime syndicate. Additionally the organization both planted false documents about Scientology to try to make the syndicate look like it was some how favorable, and Scientology also altered existing documents to make them look favorable.

When the criminal enterprise was heavily raided in the late 1970's, Federal agents recovered massive amounts of documentation covering the core criminality of Scientology and -- amusingly today, I'm sure, yet very distressing back then -- agents discovered secret documents in the possession of the criminal enterprise. While numerous ringleaders were indicted and many were sent to prison, the head ringleader L. Ron Hubbard ran and hid on his converted cattle transport ship Apollo, going from port to port as the authorities chased him from place to place. Hubbard finally holed up on a ranch in Nothern California where he remained on the lam from the Feds until he died full of mind altering drugs.

All of this gives background into Scientology's connections with the passage of the Freedom of Information Act. Since the crime syndicate tried to pretend -- and still pretends -- that Hubbard's Navy records are soe how forgeries, Scientology's leaders wanted as many of their followers to file FOIA requests for Hubbard's Navy records in the hopes, it seems, that eventually the Navy would be forced to divulge "the real documents" which would match the outrageous claims that Hubbard and his cohorts claimed -- and continues to claim today.


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