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14 Apr 2002

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By OT { Omnipotent Thief } on Monday, April 15, 2002 - 12:52 am:

Hi all,

I just saw a tv programme on the French TV. It was about cults. The programme spend about 1/2 hour talking about $cn, how they tried to con people after spet. 11th and a month later in Toulouse (France) where a chemical plant exploded. They were denouncing their method of 'make use of the misery of other people'and explaining quite well how they were doing it.

Another part was about a journalist that went undecover, he filmed the whole thing !!!! even when he was sec cheked (are you a reporter ?) I guess the auditor didn't have his tr's in, 'cause the guy passed with flying colours.

But now, the good news. The panel (the judge that instructed the affair of Lyon, a psychiatrist and... an ex $cn). The guy was a Belgian who had been in the cult some twenty odd years. Last january he decided to take $cn to court, usual charges... fraud, medicine without a licence, etc., etc. The Belgian governement will appoint a judge to look into the case.

The judge (thtat instructed the cas in Lyon) told about the threat and the harassment he had to endure from $cn. They even tried to get him off the case (he was supposed to be part of a huge anti-$cn group), well, the FRench high court didn't buy it.... $cn was condemned (for those who don't remember what it was about, a $cn from Lyon jumped from a window, 12 story high, in front of his wife and children, because he couldn't take the pressure from $cn anymore)


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