Scientology Fake Fronts: Freak Shows of Fraud


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology Fake Fronts: Freak Shows of Fraud

The Press (NZ)

Keep Scientology in the freak shows

Walking into South City Mall last week we were shocked to behold a large display touting dubious science that put emotive arguments trying to discredit psychiatry as a medicine.

When asked if the display was connected to the cult of Scientology, the gentleman fronting the display denied any link, although when we looked at the accompanying literature it was clear that the International Association of Scientologists was the force behind establishing the more palatably named Citizens Commission on Human Rights, the name on the display.

The display and its spokesman were shielding the Scientologists by omitting the link between the two.

An organisation that believes a galactic tyrant kidnapped victims 75 million years ago, froze them and planted them in volcanoes, that they then exploded and inhabit humans as invisible spiritual parasites today, cannot publish pseudo-scientific literature and expect to be taken seriously.

In a society where mental health is an increasingly widespread and disturbing issue, the Scientologists' message is dangerous and irresponsible and should be relegated to freak-show websites where it belongs.

Christchurch central


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