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Subject: Five decades of growth -
Date: 1999/03/31


L. Ron Hubbard's technology is made available to individuals through a growing number of churches and related organizations around the world that engage in a broad range of religious, charitable and educational activities from Scientology auditing and religious services to education and drug rehabilitation.

Here are the numbers of organizations using L. Ron Hubbard's technology starting at 5 in 1950 and growing to 1811 in 1997:

195O     1960       1970      1980     1990       1997
   5       11        118       328      832       1811

And now for the truth

You'll hear these unevidenced claims made all the time, doubtlessly in the hopes that people will believe that Scientology is some how growing. Indeed, many times the organization will tell its remaining followers and the real world that Scientology is some how the "fastest growing religion on Earth" and claims that they've got eight or nine million followers is pretty common.

Its hard to imagine how they come up with the numbers they do. By all indications they simply make them up and hope that people will believe them. Probably the most embarrassing lie about numbers the organization has made was the claim that they had helped to educate anythwre from one and a half to two million children in Africa. Human rights activists did just a little research and discovered that -- as usuall -- Scientology was lying. In Lies Debunked: Scientology Helped Educate Millions of African Children you'll find the organization's claims along with the letter from the African government which ends "I am afraid their claim of teaching 1.5 million children in South Africa to read is just another fabrication."

The truth is that the number of followers of the Scientology scam peaked some time in the early 1970's and after the various self-help fads of the 1970's came to an end, Scientology -- like all the other quack psycho pop fads of the time -- saw the number of followers drop quickly. At best there are perhaps 50,000 remaining Scientologists in the world. So why does this criminal enterprise claim it has as many followers as the Mormon brand of Christianity? How many Mormons do you know? Now how many Scientologists? Why does Scientology's ringleaders think they can get away with making such outrageous claims?

Ultimately, though, I think the organization as a whole just doesn't want to accept the fact that the good old days when they had hundreds of thousands of followers world wide are over. Now their businesses are closed, followers are urged more and more for ever more money to keep things afloat. Fake fronts like their latest called their "Volunteer Ministers" have increased in desperation to try to hide the fact that Scientologists are desperate to find more victims to swindle simply to keep the scam alive.


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