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Subject: Why do Scientologists want to help people?
Date: 2000/03/07

Why do Scientologists want to help people?

For several reasons. First, because Scientologists themselves have been helped enormously -- and they want others to share the same successes. Second, Scientologists understand that life is not lived alone. An individual has more than just one dynamic (the urge to survive as self). He wants to help his family, his groups, mankind itself and living things survive better.


And now for the truth

Apparently Scientology thinks that rooking people out of every last dime some how helps their fellow humanity some how. The only thing that "survives better" when Scientology gets its hands on people's money is, of course, Scientology. And fortunately -- thanks a large part to the Internet -- that's getting harder and harder to do, prompting the criminal enterprise to create more and more fake fronts such as their latest "Volunteer Ministers" scam to hide their true identity behind.

Do people benefit from Scientology's financial predations? Well, most victims twigg to the fraud within two years, initially thinking that they were getting massive benefits -- however vague and undefined they were. Part of Scientology's scam is to make such people write up just how wonderful they felt and just how amazing Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard's "technology" is. When they wake up to the fraud and leave, of course, they're not allowed to take these write ups they did with them and the criminal enterprise uses them as advertisments to sucker in the next victim.

Very rarely someone will come along and buy into the scam for decades, not wanting to accept the truth that they observe daily, finding some way to justify the endless deceptions and the base criminality of the syndicate. Indeed, it's usually these people which form the criminal ringleaders which either engage in all the crimes and racketeering else they're the ones who order new recruits to engage in crimes "for the greatest good for the greater dynamic," as the criminal enterprise calls it.

Often people who have been suckered and swindled for decades will wake up eventually and leave though there's a cost: no friends outside of Scientology, few up-to-date job skills thanks to Scientology, and little hope for regaining their lives.

Fortunately these people are not entirely without hope. There is life after Scientology and people can rebuild their shattered lives. Tory Magoo is one such person who was cheated, rooked, and swindled for 30 years before finally deciding that the deceptions and lies were just to much to keep on explaining away.

Incidentally, Scientology doesn't help anyone nearly the way that real religions do. The fact that the criminal enterprise is routinely forced to create fake fronts like their latest "Volunteer Ministers" scam is evidence enough that the organization realizes its criminal history and total lack of results has to be hidden behind endless fake fronts.


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