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Subject: What religious holidays do Scientologists celebrate?
Date: 2000/03/06

What religious holidays do Scientologists celebrate?

Scientologists celebrate several major holidays annually. These include the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard (March 13); the date marking the initial publication of Dianetics (May 9); Auditor's Day, in honor of all auditors (second Sunday in September); and the anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Scientologists, which unites, supports and protects the Scientology religion and Scientologists throughout the world (October 7).

Additionally, Scientologists in particular geographic areas may observe their own significant dates, such as the founding of the church in their area. Members of the Church also observe traditional religious holidays such as Christmas.


And now for the truth

One can almost feel the comment "Members of the Church also observe traditional religious holidays such as Christmas" as having been tacked on to the claim as an afterthought. Indeed, the whole notion of religion was adopted for tax fraud reasons. The fact that Scientologists are told that religion in general -- and Christianity in particular -- are "implants" is covered in What Christians Should Know about the Church of Scientology.

Additionally -- though the criminal enterprise likes to claim it's a forgery -- there's Lies Debunked: OT 8 Document. All of these makes claims that Scientologists are free to celebrate a Jesus-birth version of Christmas lies. While followers most certainly can celebrate Christmas, it should be recognized that their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard tells them Jesus Christ was in effect a video movie.

As for the rest of it, worshipping Hubbard was at one time something of a grand happenstance complete with a level of pageantry and pomp that was, if I may say so, the equal to the likes of which greeted Adolf Hitler on his birthday. While I dislike equating the Scientology criminal enterprise to Nazi Fascism in any way -- it sounds just too extremist -- the parallel with the way Scientology used to celebrate the birth of their messiah and the way Hitler's birthday were celebrated is just too equal to not mention.

Fortunately such things are somewhat in the past, the result of moderately large groups of people being ordered to attend these rallies to fill the seats to make everyone think that Scientology was really growing and really going some place in their efforts to "clear" the planet. These days Hubbard's birthday is a sad affair with few people attending and not enough money to launch the really big and expensive pageantry escapades of the past.

Protests against Scientology's human rights abuses and their criminal activities such as the killing of Lisa McPherson outside of Scientology offices during Hubbard's birthday not only show the remaining followers that the good old days are long past, the protests afford the Human Rights and Freedom of Speech rights activists a way to measure the continued decline of the criminal enterprise.

But don't look for the criminal enterprise to disappear entirely any time soon. For that to happen Congressional funding to go after the organized crime syndicate has to be acquired. Lt. Ray Emmons of the Clearwater Police Department did an investigation into Scientology's racketeering activities, some extracts of which can be found at Investigative Summary and 2nd Investigative Summary. In that summary, Lt. Emmons ends his summary with the note: "The attached letter from Robert W. Merkle, the U.S. Attorney, explains the concept of L.E.C.C. and how the various agencies of the criminal justice system can coordinate and combat a common foe: Organized Crime."

Finally it's important to look at what Scientology's official spokesperson is claiming here. The organization considers the birth of their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard to be a religious holiday that's the equal to the birth of Jesus Christ. Hubbard suffered from progressive mental instability and his bizarre megalomaniac ego apparently knows no limits.


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