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Subject: How do people get into Scientology?
Date: 2000/03/06

How do people get into Scientology?

Usually by word of mouth, often by reading a book or seeing promotional materials or visiting a church of Scientology. Sometimes a person becomes interested by meeting a Scientologist and seeing that he has "something" -- a positive attitude toward life, certainty, self-confidence and happiness -- which they too would like to have. Fundamentally, people get into Scientology because they want to improve something in their lives or because they want to help others improve themselves and thus create a better civilization.


And now for the truth

There's a lot of wishful thinking in amongst those whoppers.

There are a number of ways that people fall victim to Scientology, among them being the well known "free personality test" which has become something of a joke around the world; something that people now recognize as a Scientology scam. In that scam victims are told to take a "free personality test" which contains a lengthy list of freakishly bizarre questions which the subject answers by filling in little circles or boxes. It doesn't matter how someone answers these bizarre questions. Regardless of how they mark the "test," the Scientology organization always informs the mark that they have serious problems which needs to be addressed and -- Scientology to the rescue! -- fortunately there's a way to correct them.

In some cases victims have reported that Scientology ringleaders have told them that if they didn't get these "prroblems" fixed by Scientology, they would be dead within a few months. You wouldn't think that people these days would fall for such an obvious fraud yet they do.

Another less notorious way that the criminal enterprise suckers people in is through another one of their frauds, this one called "WISE" or "World Institute of Scientology Enterprises." This is one of the many criminal arms of Scientology and this particular one was ordered disolved by the IRS many years ago yet, contrary to that judicial order, continues to rook and swindle the ignorant.

What "WISE" does is the criminal enterprise convinces someone in a company - some corporation or business; often a dentist office -- to start adopting a "business practive" that was "developed" by Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard. The company that buys into the scam impliment some of Hubbard's more fascist and idiotic, unworkable ideologies about business yet implimenting these notions are secondary to the true motives for sneaking Scientology into businesses: The "WISE" company has to give the criminal enterprise money for the dubious "privelage" of using Hubbard's "technology."

Companies that have a manager that opens the door to the Scientology con artists don't know what they're opening themselves up to unless they're working in cahoots with Scientology and are getting a piece of the take.

What does that mean for the employees of a company that gets taken over by Scientology through the front group "WISE?" There have been a lengthy series of reports by ex-employees of such companies alleging discriminatory policies and the constant demands and pressures of employees to sign on with Scientology by taking some of the criminal enterprise's endless "courses" -- all to improve the business, of course, that brought in Hubbard's "technology."

Another more notorious way that Scientology manages to sucker people in is through their endless series of fake fronts. Fake fronts like NarCONon and Criminon are probably the most well known -- and notoriously criminal -- fake fronts. If Scientology actually worked and could exist in the markestplace of ideas on its own, Scientology's ringleaders wouldn't need to create such fake fronts to hide their true identity behind. Indeed, their latest public relations scam "Volunteer Ministers" is just more of the same dishonest way that Scientology acquires victims.

And, of course, the biggest way that Scientology gets followers is by lying to them about what Scientology really is. Potential victims are not informed about the Galactic ruler named Xenu, the invisible aliens from outer space that Scientology calls "Body Thetans" which followers are eventually told infest humans. And of course potential victims aren't informed about the massive criminal history of Scientology. Potential victims are told whoppers about L. Ron Hubbard's Navy record and are certainly nebver told about Hubbard's life history. If people know about such things before signing on with the criminal enterprise, only the mentally unfortunate would buy into the scams.


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