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Subject: Is Scientology like hypnotism?
Date: 2000/03/07

Is Scientology like hypnotism, meditation, psychotherapy or other mental therapies?

There is no resemblance. In fact, it was as a result of L. Ron Hubbard's investigation of hypnotism and many other mental practices that he saw the need for practical answers to man's problems. In his book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, he wrote that he had found hypnotism and psychotherapy to be dangerous and impractical. Nearly all other methods of alleged mental science are based on principles that are quite the opposite of those used in Scientology. They treat man as a "thing" to be conditioned, not as a spiritual being who can find answers to life's problems and who can improve enormously.


And now for the truth

And that's complete nonsense. The first day that someone signs up for Scientology "courses" one's subjected to a variety of forms of hypnotism. My online dictionary describes hypnosis as:

1. A sleeplike state usually induced by another person in which the subject may experience forgotten or suppressed memories, hallucinations, and heightened suggestibility. 2. Hypnotism. 3. A sleeplike condition.

The Scientology organization subjects its followers to what the organization euphemistically calls "courses" that are specifically designed to place the subject into hypnotic states with the purpose of making the subject pliable and open to suggestion -- which is all for the overall goal of extracting as much money from the mark for as long as possible.

How does this work? What are some of the every-day metholodgies which Scientology uses to make their victims pliable to the point where they start halluicinating and start actually believing they've had "past life experiences?"

The first thing people subject themselves to is called "TR 0" or "Training Routine 0." This is a process where two people sit in chairs and stare at each other for hours at a time without blinking, moving, twitching, or even moving their lips. If either of the individuals so much as moves, the other yells "Flunk! Start Over!" and the clock starts again.

Humans are omnivores and within the carnivor world this behavior is a dominance behavior. Here the Scientology organization forces its subjects to engage in deliberate dysfunction of human behavior for hours at a time, making the subjects pliable to suggestion.

The next step the crime syndicate calls "TR 1" or "Training Routine 1" which is also called "Bullbaiting." Like TR0, TR1 is a deliberate prolonged violation of human behavior designed to break down the subject's will to make them pliable and open to suggestion. TR1, however, has the added practice of inflicting dysfunction upon the primate's "Fight or Flight" reflex. In "Bullbaiting" the subjects are split into two modes of operation where one subject is forced to sit still without moving at all just like in TR0 while the other subject screams, yells, mouths obscenities, and does whatever he or she can to get the subject to move.

Followers pay extortionist prices for being allowed to subject themselves to this level of hypnotic abuse. Later "levels" that followers subject themselves to involve taking over the actual body of the person and ordering them to do everything. During TR0 and TR1, however, as the subject is sitting for hours, their minds edit out the real world and the subject falls into a solid hypnotic state. Whether the subject starts hallucinating depends upon how often they have subjected themselves to this level of abuse however there have been reports from ex-followers who started hallucinating the very first time they did these practices.

The next "levels" involve having another cultist order the subject to relinquish control of their bodies. In these levels there is one Scientologist who barks out orders controlling the subject's body while the subject does them without thinking. As an exaple of this:

  • "Stand up."

  • "Thank you. Take three paces forward."

  • "Thank you. Turn left."

  • "Thank you. Take three paces forward."

  • "Thank you. Turn around."

  • "Thank you. Take five paces forward."

  • "Thank you. Sit down."
  • This goes on for hours and, again, the subject pays a lot of money to be allowed to engage in this practice. In the previous stages the subject's mind is controlled and in the later stages the subject relinquishes control of their bodies over to the Scientologist.

    Hallucinatory events are apparently common during these levels of abuses which are, not at all paradoxically, often experienced when the "course" reaches its completion.

    In other "courses" victims are told to do things repeatedly however they've given some leeway on how to do them. An example of this would be:

    • "Spot a spot on the wall and put your finger on it."

    The subject walks over to a wall and puts their finger on it. Then the Scientologist says:

    • "Thank you. Return to your seat."

    This continues for hours. All of it is designed specifically to induce in the subject a lack of awareness of their surroundings, to induce within them hallucinatory events, ad to implant false memories all of which makes the subjects pliable and open to suggestion. Indeed it is an absolutely requirement that Scientology subject its victims to hypnotism to make them not balk when they're sold "OT3" or "Operating Thetan level 3" wherein the follower suddenly finds out that Scientology had been lying to them all along and that in truth all their problems -- emotional, mental, and physical -- are caused by the infestation of invisible murdered space aliens Scientology calls "Body Thetans." Without first opening up the subject and making them unable to think is a requirement to keep followers from suddenly realizing they've been defrauded and leaving.


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