Lies Debunked: In Scientology does one have to sacrifice one's individuality?


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Subject: In Scientology does one have to sacrifice one's individuality?
Date: 2000/03/07

No. People are unique, despite all the problems and aberrations they have in common. As they become disentangled from the stimulus-response part of their mind, they become more themselves, more unique, more individual and learn to believe in themselves. In fact, becoming more aware of and able to express one's own unique beingness is encouraged in Scientology. Scientology teaches one to maintain his personal integrity and develop fully as an individual.


And now for the truth

Individuality among Scientologists is not tolerated by the organization's management. No one is allowed to question the lack of validity of L. Ron Hubbard's "tech" as they call Hubbard's quack notions. If they do they're sent to what they call "ethics" which in effect is a system of punishment designed to force the individual to stop thinking for herself. If questions persist, followers are "assigned ethics conditions" which are punishments that require "amends." Such amends require writing up one's "crimes" which includes having thoughts about how Scientology "technology" doesn't work.

When al else fails and the individual still persists in thinking for herself, she may be forced to go to what the organization calls its "RPF" or "Rehabilitation Project Force" re-education camps.

Indeed, downtown Clearwater in Florida is well known for having Scientology cultists walking around like robotic, blank-eyed zombies all dressed alike, brains turned off, marching from place to place on schedule. The image that Scientology's robots (they're called "Rondroids" in Clearwater) is one of the major reasons why the City of Clearwater has the economic problems that it does.

Scientology "processing" is specifically designed to modify and remove one's individuality. In Lies Debunked: Is Scientology like hypnotism? a somewhat detailed examination into this brainwashing process is offered. Scientologists subject themselves to processes which make them pliable and open to suggestion and the overall goal is to supplant one's individuality with that of L. Ron Hubbard's.

The Scientology crime syndicate's ringleaders call L. Ron Hubbard "Source" and they discard the Western calendar in favor of a new dating system which begins with Year 1 in 1950 -- the date that their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard wrote "Dianetics.®" Followers are required to "duplicate" L. Ron Hubbard and any deviation is called Squirreling which the organization calls a "High Crime." Having individuality thus becomes a "High Crime" in Scientology.


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