Scientology Volunteer Ministers Ordered to Leave Crisis Areas


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Ordered to Leave Crisis Areas

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Ordered to Leave Crisis Areas
Added: (Mon Jul 25 2005)

LONDON - Police have told Scientologists to leave the bombed London areas at the request of trauma therapists and medical workers. The request follows in the wake of attempts by Scientologists to make a financial profit from the terrorist attack that has so far claimed 56 lives and injured over 200 others.

"They are in the way," says emergency medical specialist Dr. Eugene Nakie of the London Crisis and Mobilization Team. "(The Scientologists) showed up here with their cameras and their books for sale, taking photographs of the victims and rescue workers, and getting between victims in need of treatment and medical personnel."

Dr. Nakie was treating a head wound on one victim when he was approached by a man wearing a brilliant yellow jacket and was asked by the man if he could touch the victim.

"I told the man to leave, but he would not. When I looked up for a police officer, I noticed a woman, also in a bright yellow jacket, taking photographs of me, the victim, and my assailant."

Dr. Nakie stood up and physically pushed the man away. "I had about enough of that nonsense," he said. "I got on my mobile telephone and called a police officer for help, even knowing how busy they were at the time dealing with the horror."

Dr. Nakie gave an angry grimace, made a fist and raised it to his face. "I wanted to punch the guy, but I had injured people to help."

It is estimated that as many as 20 Scientology's ministers have come to the city to sell Scientology literature and courses to the victims of last week's bombings.

"We know it is a problem," Police Constable Morgan Paris said. "It was bedlam here, and keeping out the jackals and thieves has been a major drain on law enforcement. We kept having to throw them out of the area."

PC Paris said orders to Scientologists telling them to leave usually did no good. "They kept coming back. One took my photograph a dozen times or more even after I told him to cease. He ran away when I demanded the film be destroyed."

"They were a problem in New York," says International Red Cross worker Cheryl Christie. "We got them thrown out of the World Trade Center area the day after they arrived. We are more than a little angry they have come to London to repeat their venal public relations stunts."

Ms. Christie said the Scientology ministers should be arrested for interfering inside the bombing areas. "They were here taking pictures and selling books within an hour of the first bomb going off."

Scientology teaches that "touch assists" will help heal injuries both mental and physical. While trying to touch bomb victims and the family members of the victims, Scientologists also sold Scientology booklets for three pounds.

Submitted by: Brian English


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