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Subject: Charles Manson
Date: 1998/05/06

There has been mention of Charles Manson in relation to the Church of Scientology. Here are the facts:

Charles Manson never took "church classes" when he was in prison. No "church classes" were ever given in his prison.

A 1976 affidavit by Lanier A. Ramer, who was incarcerated in the same prison where Manson was incarcerated, describes how Mr. Ramer worked with fellow prisoners and how his work with them consisted of some exposure to practices then current in Scientology. This work was "originated and operated strictly by [Mr. Ramer] and was not financed, assisted, approved, sponsored, or connected in any way to any Church of Scientology...."

Further, a letter from Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Vincent T. Bugliosi (well known for his investigation and prosecution of the Manson murders) written to a minister of the Church of Scientology in 1971 stated that "our investigation of the Tate-La Bianca murders has not revealed any evidence showing that any member of the Church of Scientology was involved in these murders, nor have we found any evidence that Charles Manson was a practicing member of the Church of Scientology at the time of the aforementioned murders."


And now for the truth

One of the neat things about the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) in the united States is that the law enforcement agency has raided the criminal Scientology organization from time to time. During the raids of the past, documents have been seized and many of them have been made public domain after having been introduced into the court record.

Among those documents is a June 22'nd, 1970 internal memo written by Scientologists within the organization's "Guardian's Office / Office of Special Affairs" (GO/OSA.) The intended recipient of this memo was Mary Sue Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard's wife, one of the convicted ringleaders in the infamous "Operation Snow White" terrorist campaign against the United States. This document (which has been reproduced in extract below) is enough to debunk the fibs of the Scientology spokesperson you just read.

GS-C Comm
22 June 70
D/G Intell U.S.

Dear Mary Sue,


There have been numerous new developments on this case and they are as follows.

An individual by the name of Steve Grogen appeared on our lines (PM). I received word that he had made statements that he was a member of Mansons (sic) family and therefore started some intell. action, which at first consisted of talking to the girls he had been in contact with.

By the time I had finished talking to them Grogen had been put away in jail for car theft. In spite of numerous efforts on our part it was impossible to get together with him. I had the girl he seemed to be most in comm with, journey out to the valley on four different occasions to talk to him and in spite of our best efforts he was never made available.

He was either "in court" or the jail was undergoing extensive re-decoration. Of course we did not want it known that a member of The Church was trying to see him. At the same time this was going on we received word that two members of the Manson Family "squeeky Frome" and "Sandy Goode" were staying at the Viking Motel on 3rd and Alverado which is in close proximity to the org. We made no efforts to contact them.

On 18 June 80 the following report was received by me. Report of interview with Raul Morals, Re: Charles Mansion. According to Raul: Raul arrived in prison on McNeil Island, Washington in 1962 and became a cell mate of Lafayette Raimer allegedly a trained Scientology auditor (about Level I in Raul's estimation) and was introduced to Scientology at that time.

Raimer was auditing in prison at that time and in one 10 man cell had managed to gather a group of about 7, all in Scientology. Charles Manson entered later and studied, did TRO etc. along with his cell-mates and received approximately 150 hours of auditing from Raimer.

Processes used were CCH's, Help processes (Who have you helped-Who have you not helped) and other Dichotomy processes (Rauls terms, such as What can you confront, what would you rather not confront), Havingness (Such as "What can you have?" "Look around and find something you can have. Look around and find something you're not in."

Rainer kept records of his auditing. Manson got super-energetic & flipped out when he'd been audited and would, for a time, talk about nothing but Scientology to the extent that people avoided his company.

After a while, however, Manson was screaming to get away from his auditor (in Raul's opinion, he'd been severely over-run or something). He eventually managed to get put in solitary confinement to get away from his auditor.

Eventually prison officials got suspicious of the groups strange activities and broke up the group. Subsequently, Raul was released from the prison in 1965.

Raimer's wife was in training here at the L.A. Org in 1965-66; she had disconnected from Raimer. Raul just found out yesterday that another friend, Marvin White, later sent Manson books (after the Scientology group was broken up) on hypnotism and black magic,

Perhaps Scientology's spokespeople would like to claim that this memo is a forgery -- maybe even contrived by the United States Government. It's certainly embarrassing enough on its own however the fact that Charles Manson was a Scientologist (even though it may have been for a short period of time) has been reported in books made the public relations nightmare even more embarrassing.

In "A Piece of the Blue Sky," the author notes:

The last straw for McMaster had been the brutal murder of three teenagers in Los Angeles. Two had been Scientologists, the third was disfigured beyond identification. The mutilated bodies were left a hundred yards away from a house where Scientologists lived. McMaster felt that this was an act of retribution for Scientology's duplicity. A few weeks later, The New York Times revealed that Charles Manson had been involved in Scientology. Internal Scientology documents show that Manson had actually received about 150 hours of auditing while in prison. There was a cover-up by the Guardian's Office, which successfully concealed the extent of Manson's considerable involvement.

Or maybe not so successfully.

"The scandal of Scientology" by Paulette Cooper also notes the fact that Charles Manson was a Scientologist:

"One famous, in fact infamous person interested in Scientology that they do not boast about, talk about, or probably even want is Charles Manson, the convicted murderer of Sharon Tate and her friends.

"The New York Times stated that Manson first got interested in Scientology while he was incarcerated in the McNeil Island Penitentiary in Washington (Scientology' has programs for prisons). After his release, The Times reported, he went to Los Angeles where he was said to have met local Scientologists and attended several parties for movie stars, possibly the July 18 dedication of the celebrity center.

"Scientology literature was also said to be found at the ranch when Manson and his family were captured. But for reasons unknown, it is claimed that Manson may have been made a ''suppressive person'' by the Scientologists, and there have also been hints that he may have joined the Process, the sex and satan group which originally broke away from Scientology."

Vincent Bugliosi -- the prosecutor in the Manson case -- wrote a very popular book called "Helter Skelter." In that book we read on Page 635 in extract:

"I knew too, both from his prison records and from my conversations with him, that Manson's involvement with Scientology had been more than a passing fad. Manson told me, as he had Paul Watkins, that he had reached the highest state, ''theta clear,'' and no longer had any connection with or need for Scienology."

On page 647 we also note

"On November 21, 1969, the bodies of James Sharp, fifteen, and Dorren Gaul, nineteen, were found in an alley in downtown Los Angeles. The two teen-agers had been killed elsewhere with a long-bladed kniife or bayonet, then dumped there. Each had been stabbed over fifty times.

"Ramparts division Leutenant Earl Deemer investigated the Sharp-Gaul murders, as did Los Angeles Times reporter Cohen. Although the two men felt there was a good possibility that a Family member was involved in the slayings, the murders remain unsolved.

"Both James Sharp and Doreen Gaul were Scientologists, the latter a Scientology "clear" who had been residing in a Church of Scientology house. According to unconfirmed reports, Doreen Gaul was a former girl friend of Manson Family member Bruce Davis, himself an ex-Scientologist.

"Davis' whereabouts at the times of the murders of Sharp, Gaul and Jane Doe 59 are not known. He disappeared shortly after being questioned in connection with the death of Zero.

"On December 1, 1969, Joel Dean Pugh, husband of Family member Sandy Good, was found with his throat slit in a London hotel room. As noted, local police ruled the death a suicide. On learning of Pugh's demise, Inyo County DA Frank Fowles made official inquiries, specifically asking Interpol to check visas to determine if one Bruce Davis was in England at the time.

"Scotland Yard replied as follows: ''It has been established that Davis is recorded as embarking at London airport for the United States of America on 25th April 1969 while holding United States passport 612 2568. At this time he gave his address as Dormer Cottage, Felbridge, Surrey. This address is owned by the Scientology Movement and houses followers of this organization.''"

Perhaps you noticed Scientology's two-step with the truth. In their official claim, they quote the prosecutor who says:

"...nor have we found any evidence that Charles Manson was a practicing member of the Church of Scientology at the time of the aforementioned murders."

The prosecutor states that he doesn't have evidence. He isn't saying that Manson wasn't a Scientologist at the time, only that the State prosecution lacked evidence to prove it. Discussions with Manson after he was imprisoned for the murders yielded the fact that Charles manson was a Scientologist, having attained "Clear" while he was locked up.

Now obviously the fact that Charles Manson was a Scientologist would be embarrassing and something that the Scientology organization would not want people to know about. Any real religion would have ejected Manson and publically admitted that he was once a follower. Scientology, on the other hand, together with their "Volunteer Ministers," have made lying a religious sacrament.


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