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Subject: Marital statistics
Date: 1999/03/31

Statistics show that the marriage rate more than doubles after involvement in Scientology. Marriage is seen as vital to three times as many after Scientology as before. More than just recognizing the value of creating and maintaining successful relationships, Scientologists have the technology to bring these about and consequently they have close, happy families and long-lasting marriages.


20% - YES
80% - NO


53% - YES
47% - NO


VITAL: Before 14.2%
After 41.5%

DESIRABLE: Before 50.1%
After 49.7%

UNWANTED: Before 25.6%
After 0%

NO ANSWER: Before 10.1%
After 8.8%

And now for the truth

The Scientology organization likes to make up numbers without offering any indication as to where they got them. Amusingly the organization has been caught repeatedly creating fake front groups claiming to be "independant" which pretend to conduct studies which, of course, support Scientology's amazing (and always unfounded) claims.

Much of these claims have already been debunked in Lies Debunked: Scientologists' Families and in Lies Debunked: How does Scientology view marriage and the family? so I won't bother doing so again here.

Probably the best debunking of this Scientology claim is the fact that the criminal organization orders its followers to "disconnect" from family members who try to help their loved ones escape from the crime syndicate's clutches. The debunking of the organization's claims about "disconnection" have been offered in Lies Debunked: Disconnection.

One of the reasons why this criminal enterprise wants people to believe they some how have better marriage statistics than any other group is because the enterprise sells its followers some of their endless "courses" which their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up while stoned. (See L. Ron Hubard's Rampat Drug Abuse Problems.) Much of Hubbard's views on marriage were a result of his profound mental problems which are probably better reflected in his so-called "Affirmations."

All of Hubbard's writings reflect a seriously deranged individual who's views on marriage are profoundly dysfunctional. Marriage within the Scientology organization doubtlessly fares no better nor no worse than outside of the organization. It's an attempt to swindle money out of people that drives the organization to claim it has better statistics on marriage than anybody else.


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