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Date: 1998/09/11


A small percentage of individuals who are interested in spreading false reports around about Scientology have been known to accuse us of mind control. In fact, what we do is exactly the opposite. We free people and enable them to think for themselves.

Millions of Church members from literally all walks of life have attested to the positive benefits received from Scientology. A common theme to their personal success stories is that they are now more in control of their lives than they ever have been.

Factually, Mr. Hubbard was one of the first to discover and expose actual mind control and brainwashing experimentation conducted by United States military and intelligence agencies during and after World War II. Not only did he uncover blatantly destructive experimentation, he also discovered that the technology he developed, Dianetics, could undo the effects of an insidious form of hypnotism and called pain-drug-hypnosis and free a person from its grip.

Years after Mr. Hubbard learned about these government-sponsored psychiatric mind control experiments, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act detailed the extent to which these techniques were being used. Over the years, the Church of Scientology has exposed numerous instances of brainwashing or mind control practices, such as those involved in so-called "deprogramming." Such practices are diametrically opposed to the aims of Scientology, which are to free man and return to him his ability to control his own life.

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And now for the truth

And all of that is complete lies. Detailed examinations into Scientology's processes have been offered elsewhere in this Volunteer Ministers web site which covers the organization's use of what they call "TRs" and "Auditing" to make followers pliable and open to suggestion and to induce within them hypnotic states which result in hallucinatory events and in implantation.

There are a few interesting claims made above, though, which are not addressed in the debunkings elsewhere on this web site which address the profound brainwashing which takes place within Scientology.


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