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Date: 1998/10/29


A fair gauge of just how many people are interested in Scientology is the following graph, which reflects the annual number of individuals entering a church or mission for the first time, participating in a service, obtaining a book or hearing a lecture. The number each year increased by nearly 8 times from 1970 to well over a half-million new people by the end of 1997.

  1970           1980            1990          1997
87,045        150,924         493,685       642,596

And now for the truth

The Scientology orgainzation likes to make up numbers. Some times they claim they have 8 million followers, some times 9 million. The organization has even claimed that they acquire half a million new followers every year. The claim that they're some how the fastest growing "religion" in the world is routine.

In fact the organization has less than some 40,000 followers world wide. In a recient course case the criminal enterprise claimed in a document they submitted to the judge that there were 55,000 followers in Scientology -- a far cry from the 8 or 9 million they tell the media and their followers. Since the organization likes to inflate numbers, their admission in court that they have some 55,000 followers world wide should be cut probably in half though allowing a number of 40,000 world wide seems fair enough.

Probably the best way to evaluate how many people are being suckered into the criminal enterprise on a year-by-year basis is to examine the number of vehicles parked outside of Scientology's business offices. Human Rights and Freedom of Speech Rights activists rotinely report "car counts" when conducting pickets and protests against Scientology's abuses.

The numbers aren't good -- for Scientology, that is. We find:

I could list all the good news on and on yet the fact is that the criminal enterprise is fortunately falling apart. Numerous raids conducted against the criminal organization in countries around the world, arrests and indictments -- it's all good news. The only real hold out is unfortunately the United States which simply lacks the funding and the political will needed to dismantle Scientology once and for all.


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