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Subject: Why does Scientology have ministers?
Date: 2000/03/06

Why does Scientology have ministers?
How does one become a Scientology minister?

Like many other religions the Church of Scientology has ministers who minister Scientology religious services to its church parishioners. Only those who specifically enroll in and graduate from the Scientology Minister's Course and its prerequisites and fulfill the requirements for ordination may become Scientology ministers. All Scientology auditors are required to become ordained ministers.

And now for the truth

Actually, the Scientology crime syndicate adopted the notion of pretending to be a religion for tax evasion purposes. The latest efforts to try to pretend the organization has "ministers" is simply more of the usual public relations efforts to try to gain some kind of respect outside of the Scientology organization.

There's really nothing new here in ths organization's claims. It's probably only interesting to note that becoming a fake "minister" in the crime syndicate consists of purchasing a "course" which takes one week and consists of reading some of L. Ron Hubbard's insane rants and perhaps listening to some equally insane Hubbard rants on tape. That's it. That's all it takes in this criminal organization.

And probably of further interest is the fact that becoming a fake "minister" in Scientology might be an attempt to try to avoid prosecution for criminal activities. Reverend Reed Slatkin, for instance, rooked and swindled his way through something like half a billion dollars and is still expected to be indicted on endless counts of various frauds. And of course Reverend Heber Jentzsch was indicted and skipped out out of Spain to hide out on the lam here in the United States. Claiming religious persecution is very common within Scientology when ringleaders are caught, arrested, indicted, sent to trial, and imprisoned. That's likely another reason why Scientology came up with their fake "ministers" scam.

Real ministers study real religious issues, acquire therapist skills from professionals, learn to understand interpersonal skills, acquire an education in a fairly broad spectrum of issues to actually help the people who place themselves under their charge. Scientology's mock "ministers" purchase the title, read some of L. Ron Hubbard's drug-inducted nut rants, and then demand that they're being religiously persecuted when the indictments start getting handed down.

MassOrd1 MassOrd2

Probably one of the most telling exposures of the fraudulent aspects of this organization's pretentions toward having ministers is the fact that they have mass "ordinations" of "ministers." In these three photographs you'll see a number of people suddenly becoming Scientology "ministers." Pretty much, all it takes is a hand full of money, a couple of hours of reading, and there you have it: you're suddenly a "minister."

Doubtlessly fellow Scientologists within the organization recognize it all as a scam and -- hopefully -- they don't entrust such people with secrets and with relying upon them to help them with their problems. It would be damn foolish of them given the fact that these fake ministers lack any reasonable, professional training in human psychology or in any therapy which is scientifically sound or even marginally reasonable.


People outside the Scientology organization (called "Wogs" by Scientologists) however may not know that these fake ministrers have no training and are in effect salespeople for the criminal enterprise.

What makes it worse is that Scientology's "Ministers" are taught to lie to people by claiming that they're some how compatible with all other religions despite the fact that Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard tells followers that Jesus Christ was an "implant" and that Jesus was a "lover of young boys."

Finally, what's really the worse is that these people engage in these deceptions for monetary gain. It's all about money within Scientology.


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