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Subject: Minton outburst -
Date: 1998/09/12

Re: Minton outburst -

Minton's violent and psychotic outburst of yesterday confirms everything we said about him from the beginning. Reeking of alcohol, he turned up outside the Church of Scientology carrying picket signs and started abusing our staff and parishioners. When two Scientologists tried to stop him, he thrust his sign into the face of one, knocking off his glasses. He finally smashed a stick over the head of the second, who was taken to hospital.

The police handcuffed and arrested Minton. He was arraigned on a felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charge and is now subject to a court order that he stay at least 100 yards away from the victim of his assault.

A year ago, Minton appeared out of nowhere to hand out millions of dollars to individuals found by federal courts to have been engaged in unlawful activities against the Church of Scientology.

We pointed out that he was unstable, had been institutionalized in the past and is currently on psychiatric medication. We warned that he could explode into violence at any time. He confirmed our fears a few weeks ago when he appeared with a shotgun and fired at three Scientologists who were on the road in front of his house.

Proclaiming himself a "free speech advocate", he apparently can't stand to let others enjoy ~their~ free speech rights without resorting to violence.

Minton has repeatedly lied to the media. For example, his present of a $260,000 house to a married woman was not a humanitarian act - as he claimed to the press while denying his affair -- but part of a plan to lure her away from her husband. He has now publicly abandoned his own wife and children for this other woman.

Minton is a hypocrite and a stranger to the truth. When his hatemongering against our parishioners was given prominence in the Boston media, our church was repeatedly vandalized. We said then that he was a trigger's width from an outburst of psychotic violence. Now he pulled the trigger.

Public Relations

And now for the truth

<laughing> This is a good one -- another classical insane nut rant from the Scientology crime syndicate. Everything you just read it a lie -- and likely made public by the criminal enterprise specifically in hopes that Human Rights activist Mr. Robert Minton would sue the organization for all the libel you just read. One of the syndicate's written policies is to sue people not to win but to harass. The crime syndicate wants activists to sue them for libel since the crime syndicate has a lot of money ad activists are generally real people who have no funding needed to punish the organization for its abuses.

All of the details about the activist Robert Minton can be reviewed on the unofficial Bob Minton web site. It's a good web site in that it has photographs of Scientology crooks assaulting Mr. Minton with the specific intention of trying to incite Mr. Minton into defending himself.

What the crime syndicate spokesperson doesn't mention is the fact that Mr. Minton wasn't "reeking of alcohol" else the police officer would have reported the fact in the arrest report. Most telling, the syndicate's spokesperson "forgot" to mention the fact that video tape of the incident was taken by the Human Rights activists and it shows the criminal organization's notorious Frank Offman assaulting Mr. Minton.

Curiously, the crime syndicate also "forgot" to mention the fact that Mr. Minton would found innocent and that the Jury concluded that it was an attempted set up. The syndicate also forgot to mention the fact that the Judge reviewed the tape and concluded that the Scientology's organization's complaints is rather like a bully who persters a kid in the school yard only to cry when the kid finally turns around and slugs the bully once.

Why does the criminal enterprise hate Human Rights activists and, in particular, Mr. Robert Minton? Obviously the answer to the first question is because Scientology engages in human rights abuses against its own followers and against newspaper reporters, judges, juries, television and radio reporters et al. and activists work to correct the organization's abuses.

As to why Scientology hates Mr. Minton the most that's also obvious: Mr. Minton isn't a typical pennyless Human Rights activist. Mr. Minton has assisted victims of Scientology's criminal abuses over the years and has formed the Lisa McPherson Trust to help assist Scientologists escape and assist family and loved ones find out more about friends and family who have disappeared inside of the criminal enterprise.

There's a massive amount of information available on the Internet which debunks the crime syndicate's amusing nut rants above so I'll not get into it further on this web site. The Lisa McPherson Trust has plenty of video tape available online to download and review which shows what Scientology does to activists, and the unofficial Bob Minton web site contains most of everything else one might be interested in.

One amusing note: The Scientology organization has reportedly been telling some of its remaining followers that Mr. Minton is an "off worlder" -- that is, someone (a Marcabian, in fact) from outer space. This insanity is in keeping with the crime syndicate's efforts to try to convince their remaining followers that Scientology has magical super powerful enemies all over the galaxy.

Hey, Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard said it was true and he wouldn't lie to the rubes, would he?


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