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Scientology's doublecross

"M. Krotz"
09 Sep 2002


I am a subscriber to Mother Jones and have been for some time. I am extremely disturbed by an advertisement that appears in the current issue (Sept.-Oct 2002) on page 23. This advertisement for a "help line" and promoting "Volunteer Ministers" is very deceptive in that it fails to disclose that this is in fact a front organization for Scientology.

Members of this "Volunteer Minister" group were found to have interfered with licensed mental health professionals at ground zero in New York city, and would apply Scientology's belief system that psychiatric treatment is harmful when dealing with callers seeking assistance.

I believe that this advertisement is a disgrace to the otherwise quality advertisers in Mother Jones, and the fact that it does not disclose its true connection to Scientology places innocent people at risk at being manipulated by what is largely believed to be a mind control cult. I suggest that no further advertisement from this group be accepted without it being fully identified as to its origin. I also suggest that a disclaimer be placed in the next issue regarding the deceptive nature of this ad, and alongside any future advertisement from this organization.

If you are unable or unwilling to print such disclaimers or take significant action as to this advertisement and the Volunteer Minister organization, then I request that my subscription to Mother Jones be cancelled immediately.

For more information about Scientology I recommend the website

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Michael Krotz
St Petersburg, FL


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