Lies Debunked: What moral codes do Scientologists live by?


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Subject: What moral codes do Scientologists live by?
Date: 2000/03/07

What moral codes do Scientologists live by?

There are four main codes that Scientologists apply in life. One is the Auditor's Code, which gives the basic rules an auditor must abide by to ensure excellent auditing results. Another is the Code of a Scientologist, guidelines which Scientologists agree to follow in order to achieve the aims of Scientology. There is an ethical code, called the Code of Honor, that Scientologists follow in their day-to-day activities with their fellow men. L. Ron Hubbard also has written a nonreligious moral code called The Way to Happiness which gives basic precepts for a happy life. This moral code is used by Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike, and tens of millions of copies have been distributed in communities all around the world.


And now for the truth

The Scientology spokesperson lied to us again. There is one "moral code" within the Scientology organization above all other claims about moral codes. There's just one over riding moral code which drive Scientologists activities at the expense of all other considerations: Make money so that it can be given to the crime syndicate for "courses" and other bait-and-switch frauds.

Within the criminal enterprise there's five concepts that drive what followers and ringleaders alike consider to be controlling aspects of day-to-day moral behavior:

All other claims about ethics and moral codes are part of the organization's endless attempts to try to pretend they're some how a real religion in keeping with L. Ron Hubbard's letter to his colleague Helen O'Brien where he wrote about trying to create a "religion angle" to engage in tax fraud. The organization gives their followers a list of "moral codes" and tells them to live by them and then the organization imposes the four systems of behavior enumerated above which makes enacting those "moral codes" utterly impossible.

Let's take a look at each one of these behavior-motivating aspects of Scientology before we start looking at some of the consequences of the actual "moral codes" which Scientology as a whole engages in.

A system of "ethics" conditions.

A system of "stats."

The notion that "What's true is what's true for you."

And the notion that one must base one's activities "for the greatest good for the greatest dynamic."

  • Scientologists are working to save the world some how.
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