Lies Debunked: Scientology Wants a World Without War or Crime


Scientology's doublecross

Few real religions fail to suggest that they're against war and that they're against crime. For some reason the Scientology® organization wants people to think that they're some how unique in this reguard. Perhaps it's the fact that real religions often advocate a world without war and crime that prompted the Scientology criminal enterprise to do likewise to try to make people think it was also a religion.

Scientology's criminal history and contemporary racketeering actions are widely recognized throughout the world and this web pages will enumerate some of the more notable instances of massive criminal actions the syndicate has been indicted for over the years. We'll also look at some ideas as to why Scientology's criminal history is the way that it is. Obviously the creator of the criminal enterprise was a megalomaniac with numerous unfortunate mental problems and drug abuse problems yet Hubbard is dead; why does the criminal organization he created persist in collecting followers willing to engage in crimes for the syndicate?

Let's take a look in this excellent essay that's routinely posted to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. For the Volunteer Minister's web site I've added extensive commentary to this essay.

Why So Many Criminals Iin $cientology?
Updated 09 Feb 2002

How come so many Scientologists and Scientology supporters have criminal records? How come so many of them are losers who are taking their personal frustration out on the critics of their crimes?

Showing that Scientology's unbroken fifty year history of criminality is no thing of the past, the Scientology crime cult is now directly involved in perhaps the biggest Ponzi scam in North American history, led by the swindling "Reverend" Reed Slatkin, who has attained some of the highest ranks available in the cult.

Slatkin, co-founder of the cultist-owned Earthlink, swindled his own co-founder Scientologist Sky Dayton out of money as well as swindling wheelchair-bound Alice Wintz out of her life savings, an insurance settlement, and her children's college fund, a sum total of $1.5 million. Wintz is only one of hundreds of victims in a huge Ponzi scam that adds up to a staggering $600 million.

Huge Reed Slatkin Ponzi scheme

This is not the cult's only recent involvement in swindling the disabled. The cult is being sued by a man who suffered irreversible brain damage in an auto accident and was then systematically looted of every penny he had in a grotesque and ghoulish drama. The fraud victim, Raul Lopez, was divested of over a million dollars in a series of schemes described by his lawyers as "Hell's Angels might pass around a teenage girl." The bizarre frauds included fraudulent loans borrowed with no intention of repaying, to Scientologists to pay to Scientology, as well as charging him $30,000 for ostrich eggs he was later told had "died."

Legal filings in the Lopez case

Automatic email updates on the Lopez suit (Enter case codes Trial Court Case: BC200852 and/or Appellate Case: B141865 and click email link for automatic email updates)

These are just the most recently exposed cases of viciousness and fraud in this criminal organization. The criminality started at the very outset, in the people who comprise this criminal cult.

We have Founder L. Ron Hubbard with his criminal conviction for petty theft for passing bad checks and with a record of wife-beating and drug abuse, who died on psych drugs while hiding from the authorities. Not only did his ex-wife and his own son describe him as a "paranoid schizophrenic" but a judge even described the cult he founded as "paranoid and schizophrenic" and stated that this was a "reflection of its founder." Among his other crimes, L. Ron Hubbard was sentenced to four years of prison for fraud by a French court, but he remained a fugitive from this charge as well.

Hubbard was also a child abuser, who forced his son L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. to take amphetamines and who was fined $50 and sentenced to probation for abandoning his own daughter in a vehicle.

Theft conviction

Wife-beating and drug abuse

Death on psych drugs coroner report

Described as a "paranoid schizophrenic" by ex-wife

Described as a "paranoid, schizophrenic megalomaniac" by his own son

Described as "schizophrenic and paranoid" by judge

Convicted of fraud and sentenced to four years in prison

Fined and put on probation for abandoning his daughter in a vehicle

Forced his own son to take drugs

Then we have L. Ron Hubbard's third wife Mary Sue Hubbard, who was convicted of felonies and served jail time for helping her husband mastermind the biggest domestic espionage case in American history, involving burglarizing government offices routinely and committing other crimes. Even her own lawyers admitted that she had committed these crimes, as well as 11 other Scientologists who were convicted of crimes including felonies.

Sentencing memorandum describing crimes as "heinous and vicious"

Stipulation of evidence admitting to multiple felonies by Hubbard and other defendants

Next comes the President of the cult he founded, Heber Jentzsch, who has just recently skipped out on a million dollars bail for felonies in Spain, making him a fugitive from justice and persona non grata in all of Europe. A habitual liar, who constantly claims that his cult has eight million members, this criminal can be seen in handcuffs all around the net, and can accurately be described as a bail-jumping felon.

Heber Jentzsch Spanish criminal charges

Photos of Heber Jentzsch in handcuffs

Fugitive Heber Jentzsch fails to appear for trial

Two audio recordings and one video recording of this insane nutter - Scientology's mock "International President" can be downloaded in RealAudio format from:
hCOSVM Web Site8.rm

The cult is led by high-school dropout David Miscavige, who when he has been forced to be deposed in court concerning his criminal activities, has exposed his sexual perversions by exploding in a bizarre outburst about public buggery

David Miscavige bizarre buggery outburst

Former French President of the Cult Jean-Jacques Mazier has even been convicted of homicide in the death of Patrice Vic

French Scientology cult leader convicted of homicide:

In fact, this criminal cult is so criminal that even the cult itself, rather than its own members, has been criminally convicted in Canada for breach of the public trust

Scientology crime cult criminally convicted in Canada

Ths cult lies so much and so often that it regularly loses libel cases. It has lost the largest libel judgment in Canadian history, and was recently forced to issue an apology in open court for libelling a critic of its criminal activities, Bonnie Wood

Scientology loses biggest libel verdict in Canadian history

Scientology forced to apologize for libel

And of course we have the death of Lisa McPherson at the hands of this crime cult, for which they are being sued. After 17 days of the cult's "Tender Loving Care" Lisa McPherson was dehydrated and dead. They drove the corpse past three other hospitals to find a hospital with a Scientologist doctor, Dr. David Minkoff, despite the fact that Morton Plant hospital is within walking distance of the Ft. Harrison. This is not the only suspicious death associated with this criminal cult. There are many others just at the Ft. Harrison hotel in downtown Clearwater, which has been dubbed the "Ft. Homicide" by human rights activists in reminder of its grim legacy of death and criminality.

Lisa McPherson information

Deaths at Flag page

Lisa McPherson autopsy photos

(Requires agreement to terms; not recommended for the easily disturbed.) One wonders what sort of criminal element would have anything to do with such a criminal cult, with such an extensive history of criminal convictions at every level in the organization, and with a history of crimes ranging from the broad spectrum of sexual perversion, drug abuse, petty theft, fraud and even homicide. Certainly, only a criminal would have anything to do with such a virulent and heinous crime cult, that has been continually associated with suicide, death and murder since its inception.

Criminal cultists will attempt to evade, dodge, ignore and spam Internet newsgroups in desperate attempts to avoid their criminality being exposed. The proper response is to keep exposing this criminality.

For more truth about this huge scam operation masquerading as a "religion" see these web sites:

Scientologists are trained to lie under oath and out in the real world so it comes as no surprise that they've managed to avoid prison terms for many of the indictments handed down to them. Perjury, L. Ron Hubbard noticed, was an effective means of keeping himself out of prison and when that didn't work, he became a fugitive, hiding out on the lam until he died.

[Note: The Scientology organization has at best estimate approximately 45,000 to 50,000 followers world wide -- contrary to the 8 million figure that the organization has been claiming for the past few years or so. While that number continues to drop (thanks in part to the Internet) few of the remaining followers are even aware of the unending series of police raids, indictments, and prison terms their leaders and fellow cultists are subjected to routinely. Few are allowed to know about their organization's criminal history, or its current racketeering activities. Even fewer of the cult's remaining followers are privy to their messiah's written policies which dictates the criminal behavior that keeps getting their organization raided (see Xenu.NET for suitable references of Scientology policy.) Scientology management is the problem, not the thousands of honest believers who are good, honest citizens; themselves victims of Scientology - flr


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