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Subject: What is Scientology's view on drugs?
Date: 2000/03/07

What is Scientology's view on drugs?

Scientologists consider that drugs cause extremely damaging effects on a person -- physically, mentally and spiritually. They decrease awareness and hinder abilities. They are a "solution" to some other problem, but then they become an even bigger problem.

Scientologists do not take street drugs or mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Scientologists do use prescribed drugs as part of medical programs from competent physicians.


And now for the truth

Much of that is complete nonsense and he rest of it is pretty much "so what?" Scientologists have in fact been caught using "street drugs" routinely, one of the latest being a Scientologist caught transporting drugs to one of the crime syndicate's pretend "NarCONon drug treatment" facilities (see CrackPots.ORG for complete details about that incident and others.

As another, more distressing example, video Journalist Mark Bunker of the Lisa McPherson Trust was in fact attacked by a hammer-swinging Scientologist who was hiding from the cops on drug charges. Scientology's claims that followers don't use "street drugs" are demonstrably false. This doesn't mean that the crime syndicate wouldn't like for all of its remaining followers to be drug free, however, yet the fact of the matter is that such a lofty goal is simply unrealistic but more importantly, has not been and never will be achieved.

In another web page I've already covered Scientology's mad messiah's massive drug abuse problems and I've delved into why Scientology hates the mental health industry and the many safe and effective drugs that help to allieviate human suffering so I won't cover them again here.

Scientology's official spokesperson would like us to believe that it adopts a negative stance against "street drugs" for all the same reasons that real religions do; their claims are nothing new and exactly what any real religion would consider to be useful advice. The Scientology crime syndicate's stance on drug abuse is just part of the organization's never ending public relations efforts designed to try to make people believe they're some how a real religion and that they some how hold much the same values as real religions do.

It's also important to note that Scientology is often just as debilitative and destructive as drug abuse. Scientology -- like a drug habit -- sucks a person into an endless spiral of need, temporary relief, and then wanting misery culminating in financial ruin and a growing mental instability. Scientology -- like a drug habit -- also must be discarded "cold turkey" once the victim realizes it's time to break the habit and work to regain their lives.

Probably the most likely reason why the Scientology crime syndicate likes to sell the notion that they're against "street drugs" may be because they have created another quack medical fraud they call NarCONon wherein people ignorant of the fact that it's really a Scientology fake front subject themselves to one of Scientology's most dangerous and historically deadly rituals: their "Purification Rundown." As a financial fraud, it's no wonder the crooks work hard at trying to depict themselves as being against "street drugs."

The truth of the matter is, Scientology is only after people's money.


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