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Subject: Does Scientology believe one can exist outside of the body?
Date: 2000/03/07

Does Scientology believe one can exist outside of the body?

Before entering Scientology many people experience the feeling of looking down on one's body, but they do not understand what is happening. Once they have achieved greater spiritual awareness through Scientology auditing and training they find that this experience becomes nothing out of the ordinary. Scientology believes that man is not his body, his mind or his brain. He, a spiritual force, energizes the physical body.

Scientology proved, for the first time, that man was a spiritual being, not an animal.


And now for the truth

Scientology didn't prove anything other than that people believe they can some how leave their bodies. Hallucinatory events such as hypnopompic and hypnogogic events are very common among the populace and subjecting oneself to Scientology's brainwashing procedures merely makes people more pliable and suggestable. And, of course, had Scientology actually proven that people could actually leave their bodies, they would have evidence other than the anecdotal claims they like to use as sales advertising to rook in the gullible and the ignorant.

How does Scientology induce followers to experience hallucinatory events which are then "explained" to followers as out of body events?

One of the brainwashing processes which Scientology subjects its followers to is known as "TR0" -- or "Training Routine Level 0." This consists of two individuals sitting in chairs facing each other and staring at each other for long durations of time. If either individual blinks an eye, moves a finger, moves their lips or in any other way makes any movement, the other yells "Flunk! Start over!" and the "Training Routine" starts from scratch. This can last for endless hours.

There are a number of psychological manipulations taking place when followers subject themselves to this process, three of which are extremely significant:

This brainwashing process is generally refered to as "No Blink." The next step in the "TRs," as Scientolgy calls this brainwashing, is called "Bullbaiting" and it's much like "No Blink" however one of the individuals engages in what the crime syndicate calles "bull baiting." Specifically, the individual does things to the subject to try to force them to react. The subject sits there not blinking, not twitching, and moving their lips as the other insults them, makes vulgar suggestions, cusses and screams, and does whatever they can think of to try to make the subject react. If the subject cracks a smile or so much as moves a finger, the other person yells, "Flunk! Start over!" and it begins again.

The mental manipulation taking place through this "TR" is an extension of the "No Blink" process yet it's a higher level of abuse which -- in normal humans -- would result in a fight or flight reflex, or in dominance submission. Thus the will of the subject is deliberately depleated and the victim becomes pliable... pliable enough to eventually actually believe that they're infested with the invisible murdered space aliens called "Body Thetans" which Scientology eventually tells them to believe they're infested with in order to sell them the expensive bogus "cure" for these space alien infestations.

This alone is enough to prompt followers into starting to experience "out of body" notions. What comes next in the "TRs" brainwashing process is a variant on what the organization calls "Tone 40." Instead of two individual sitting across from each other and engaging in direct eye contact dominance games, one of the individual orders the subject using "Command Intention" telling the person what to do: "Take three steps forward. Turn left. Walk backward four steps. Walk to the wall."

When followers start subjecting themselves to this level of the brainwashing process, they've given up total control of their thoughts and the control of their own bodies. They've not only become pliable and completely open to suggestion, they've conditioned their minds to slip in and out of hallucinatory events at will.

In his last book "Demon Haunted World," Carl Sagan noted that L. Ron Hubbard had managed to create a written process that was capable of driving people insane. And followers pay large amounts of money for subjecting themselves to these mind-altering processes.

Even decades after victims of Scientology leave the organization one can still see the debilitative effects of these "TRs." Individuals have difficulty regaining solidity in the real world out side of the organization. Most people recover within a few years however some people never fully recover. One such individual by the name of Tory Magoo was a Scientologist for 30 years who only twigged to the frauds and left the organization a couple of years ago (the year 2000.) She's still working on recovering from everything that Scientology did to her and her story is something that everyone should read to get a good look at what Scientology's "TRs" can do to people. Tory was one of the lucky ones and she appears to be almost entirely recovered from her ordeal. Visit her web site and send her e-mail, ask about these things.


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