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Subject: Is Scientology open to anyone?
Date: 2000/03/07

Is Scientology open to anyone?

Scientology is open to anyone who seeks spiritual betterment. The materials that make up Scientology scripture are readily available at churches of Scientology and public libraries throughout the world. Churches and missions are always open to the public and anyone can come in for a tour and personally see what the Church is all about.

Scientologists come from all walks of life, and range from teachers to businessmen and women, doctors, housewives, attorneys, engineers, nurses, construction workers, celebrities, marketing and administrative personnel, secretaries, athletes, civil servants and others.


And now for the truth

There's a little bit of wishful thinking here, it looks like, yet in reality there's nothing "spiritual" about the bait-and-switch Bunko frauds Scientology sells to its victims. Real religions that actually do offer spiritual enlightenment don't charge their followers extortionist amounts of money for the privelage of finding out what their own religion is actually about. Scientology not only doesn't tell its victims what they're buying upfront but they also change what Scientology internally calls their "Shore Story" about what Scientology is after victims pay more and more money to obtain "higher levels" of the bait-and-switch scam.

While Scientology also doesn't have "scriptures," what it does have are once-secret documents, a great many of which have been made part of the public record thanks to lawsuits filed against the crime syndicate by victims who presented the bait-and-switch documentary evidence into the court record. And no, contrary to what the official spokesperson claims above, these once-secret documents aren't available at your local library and no, while you can walk into an office of the crime syndicate and ask to read these documents, they'll not allow you to read them unless you pay them tens of thousands of dollars for the dubious privelage.

Why is Scientology lying to us?

Well, the short answer is that they're lying to us because if people find out that Scientology is actually all about aliens from outer space that attach themselves to humans and cause them mental, emotional, and physical problems, nobody in their right mind would purchase such nonsense. When followers pay a massive enough amount of money to purchase the right to look at a copy of what's known as "OT3" -- or "Operating Thetan Level 3" -- they find out that Scientology has been lying to them up until now and that now the new "Shore Story" is all about the Galactic ruler named Xenu, invisible murdered space alien fragments that attach themselves to people called "Body Thetans" and all the other flying-sauce science fiction nonsense that forms the basis of Scientology.

Scientology isn't "open" by any sense of the word when it comes to people being allowed to know what Scientology is upfront, and when it comes to people being allowed to read Scientology's core beliefs without being rooked out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Scientology isn't compatable with other religions, incidentally, and Christians would find the fake "theology" Hbbard adopted for tax exemption fraud to be telling. Check out What Christians Should Know about the "Church" of Scientology for coverage of just how closed Scientology is to followers of real religion.

About the only thing that one might consider to be "open" about Scientology is the fact that they'll take anybody's money if they can work a scam to sucker it out of them. One horrible example of this level of swindle is Raul Lopez who was swindled out of damn near every last dime in what the prosecution called the equal to a motorcycle gang passing around a virgin.


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