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Subject: Can one make up his own mind about Scientology?
Date: 2000/03/07

Can one make up his own mind about Scientology?

One can and indeed one should. Scientology enables a person to think for himself. There is no purpose served in practicing or studying Scientology because someone else wants him to. But if a person has taken a good look at his life and has decided that he wants to make it better, the best thing is to start and find out for himself what Scientology can do for him. One should read one of the basic books by L. Ron Hubbard, such as Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, or Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought.

What is real in Scientology for you is what you find in it that is real for you.


And now for the truth

Well, the fact of the matter is that -- if you leave it up to the organization's leaders -- people aren't allowed to make up their own minds about Scientology since the leaders don't allow prospective followers to know what Scientology actually is. People accessing the Internet can find out what Scientology really is all about, of course, yet the Scientology organization even forces it followers to use filters when on the Internet to keep them from finding out all about what Scientology actually is.

It's also important to learn about the fact that the Scientology criminal enterprise hides its identity behind fake fronts such as "NarCONon", "Criminon", "The United Churches of Florida", and "Citizens Commission on Human Rights." Because Scientology has such a criminal history, the organization is releatedly forced to hide its identity behind fake fronts and fake names -- what the organization calls "Suitable Guises." And, of course, the crime syndicate's latest fake front is their "Volunteer Ministers" scam.

Good examples of how the Scientology crime syndicate doesn't allow people to make up their own minds about Scientology are -- just to name a very few of the salient facts:

What Scientlogy actully is and what it has historically been is something that the Scientology organization keeps from followers and from prospective followers. The last thing that Scientology wants is for people to know what Scientology is so that they can make up their own mind about it.

Probably the most telling admission by the Scientology spokesperson quoted faithfully above is the unbelievably insane notion that "What's real in Scientology for you is what you find in it that is real for you." This is a rewording of the crime syndicate's equally bizarre claim of "What's true is what's true for you."

Such a monsterously evil notion is what allows the crime syndicate to stand there and repeatedly lie to us over and over again without any ethical or moral compunctions. Such evil ideologies is what gives the criminal enterprise its justification for its acts, ranging from trying to lie to us all the way to kidnapping and/or killing its own followers to keep them from leaving Scientology.

A good case in point is Lisa McPherson who tried to escape Scientology after 20 years yet was killed rather than being allowed to leave. Lisa McPherson eventually made up her own mind about Scientology, and was killed for trying to escape.

A picket report in Canada against Scientology's human rights abuses makes note of this fact. Human Rights activist Keith Henson and four other protesters were picketing Scientology's criminal offices in Toronto, Canada on 17/Feb/2002:

Arel was in town, a new person wanted to picket, so 5 of us picketed from noon to two pm. As usual I was across the street and gave out slightly over 100 Xenu flyers. This KR is from talking to Gregg, Arel, the unknown picketer, and Martin LeMoine, an old time ex scientologist. Martin was part of the Sea Org when it infiltrated into Clearwater and at one time was the ED of the Montreal org. He and his family went "clear" together but never got into the OT levels because he wanted his friends and family to go up the "bridge" together.

To considerable dismay at the org, Martin LeMoine was immediately recognized by Bobby Hill (actually looking sober today) and Val Hill (our boo hoo clam). Bob and Val were very busy trying to steer the latest scientology recruits away from the picketing SPs. (The org seems to have switched from Sat. courses to Sunday to keep the raw meat from the enturbulation of pickets.)

When we showed up "child chaser", the black dude who went after Kim's son in St. Catherine's, got on the red phone. Shortly thereafter, Mario and Pat Felsky plus other senior members of the Day org showed up, having had their Sunday ruined. They begin traffic control, sending people out of the org in places were the picketers were not close to at the time. After Gregg read OT 3, the day people vanished except for Mario and Felsky. Shortly after that Bob and Val Hill showed along with one of the three Mikes.

Best incident of the day was a fresh recruit scientologist who approached Gregg and wanted to talk to him. He had wanted to know why Gregg had a problem with scientology. Mario saw him and screamed "No! Don't talk to him!" The young man said to Mario "I can't hold two conversations at the same time, I want to talk to him" gesturing at Gregg. By this point Mario was approaching a shambling jog. Gregg told the young man, "You won't be able to talk to me, its's against policy" at that moment Mario reach them and said, "You cant talk to him, it's against policy." Mario grabbed at the young man who shook him off one arm, Mario went around him, grabbed him by the other arm and frog marched him into the org.

As he was begin marched away Gregg told him, "You know where you are going now." Then Gregg and Martin both said "Your going to ethics!"

At one point in the picket, two kids of scientology's parents were yelling at Gregg that he was going to die. Kind of makes you wonder what these kids hear at home.

We had a good time, but it was really cold out there today. We are looking forward to warmer weather in March.

Keith Henson

PS police presence, one car went by went by, recognized Gregg and waved.


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