I joined the Church of Scientology's Guardians Office


Scientology's doublecross

I joined the Church of Scientology's Guardians Office http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/gohist.htm#go_role

in June 1979 and worked for the Boston GO for two and a half years.

Prior to joining the GO, I was the Executive Director of Narconon Connecticut.

The qualifications for getting into the Guardian's Office were pretty much the same as the quals for the Sea Org but in 1978, the GO did not have the "no LSD rule", so I was able to join the GO even though I was an "LSD case". An LSD case per Hubbard was anyone that had ever used, LSD, PCP or Angel dust.

Per Mary Francis Newey, former Dir of Investigations. OSA Boston, analysis showed that behind every major flap that the church has had, there was always an EX-GO staff member "majorly" involved.

Well I guess in my case, they were right about that.

In order for me to be accepted into the GO, I had to csw (Completed Staff Work, a Scientology phrase for writing a proposal) and get it approved up through the command lines to The Guardian WW, Jane Kember.

The CSW included a full life history http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/msg/f1e84eba646eec6b?hl=en , which is a very detailed personal history including drug usage, all sex partners, family names and address, to name a few of the more egregious questions.

I also had to provide evidence of who I am by providing documents such as birth certificate, baptismal certificates old report cards, health records, anything that would provide evidence that I was who I said I was and could document it over time.

The GO was extremely concerned about "plants" and being infiltrated by "suppressive people" and "government agents".

Some of the other things that were needed in the CSW were attestations from a Scientology Technical person that I made "case gain" which mean that I made personal gains from Scientology auditing, or in the real world means that I was deeply indoctrinated in the Scientology belief system.

I had to show that I was NOT a slow student, and that I had a good work ethic and could "produce products" and have "upstats".

I could not be PTS http://www.xemu.demon.co.uk/clam/dict2.html#P or have any PTS situations in my life and I could not have a psych history. I also had to not be PTS A to J, which included such things as not being open minded, not being connected to anyone that was antagonistic to Scientology and not being a reporter.


I only had two iffy points that I had to "handle". The first was that I had a bit of a "psych history". When I was 6 or 7 years old I was brought to a child psychiatrist for several visits. I believe this was after I had experience a fractured skull from a car accident. I had to explain in detail what happened during those few psych visits so that they could be assured I had not taken any psych drugs or been PDH'd. PDH'd is Pain, Drugs, Hypnosis and Scientologists believe that the psychs use Pain, drugs and hypnosis and "implant people" with commands to destroy Scientology.

The other problem I had was that I was a "drug revert" meaning I had used drugs after receiving auditing and because of this I had to write a petition to The Guardian, and ask her to waive this one "out qual" and prove that I was really all handled drug wise and had made the appropriate amends and would never do this again.

I'm sure after reading some of my recent reports that the OSA http://www.xenu-directory.net/glossary/glossary_o.htm#OSA guys think I probably was PDH'd by that Child psychiatrist to get into Scientology, and then after years and years of being a good Scientologist, I would turn into a rabid critic. They actually believe this kind of bunk and figure the only way a good Scientologist like me, would ever turn would be because (1.) I'm PDH'd or programmed to do this or (2.) I have hidden crimes that make me do it.

It took months to get my CSW for joining the GO together and up through the command lines for approval, but I finally made it and became the Director of Rehabilitation Boston Guardian's Office.

The Guardian's Office Boston was located on the 4th and 5th floor of the Boston Org. Only GO staff were allowed on those floors and admittance required a key. The Keys were a very big deal. The keys had to be on your person or completely under your control at all times or else you would end up in a lower condition and would have to pay to replace the door locks and make keys for all GO staff.

For example, if you went out to a restaurant, and accidentally left your keys on the table, and out of your sight for 30 seconds, or whatever it would take for "an agent" to switch your keys, then you would get a lower condition assignment and have to purchase new keys. For this reason, most staff wore the keys around their neck and slept with them under their pillows.

Occasionally a non GO staff would be allowed in the "GO space" or offices but only with permission and under escort. They could never be left alone. The 4th Floor was the main GO space, and it was broken up so that each Bureau had its own room or office. The AG (Assistant Guardian Boston), Bobby Johnson, and his communicator wife had the biggest and nicest office, in the building, with a balcony facing out to the Charles River.

The Invest Office was in the front of the building and had paper shades and curtains so no one could possibly look in with long range telescopes. Their (Invest) door was always closed and locked. Only Invest personnel were allowed in that space and if they did allow other GO staff in the Invest office, the non Invest GO staff member would have to be their under escort at all times.

Invest is the Intelligence or spy branch of the Church

The Guardians Office was organized with six Bureaus.

B1 was Investigations/Intel and included Intel gathering On both external enemies of the Church and internally on it's own members.

B2 was the Service Bureau which dealt with the training and "handling" of the Guardians Office staff.

B3 was Public Relations whose purpose was to see that Scientology was "well known and well thought of".

B4 was Legal and handled all of the Church of Scientology's legal affairs.

B5 was Finance and would oversee all of the Church's financial dealings.

B6 was Social Coordination and was responsible for controlling all of the Narconon's, Applied Scholastics, any school that used LRH tech, as well as CCHR, (their anti psych program) and other programs that fall under the label of "Social Reform".

For a more detailed account of these bureaus and their functions see http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/gohist.htm


As Dir of Rehab Boston, If I need to get something approved I would have to send my csw up the command channels.

A separate piece of paper would be stapled on top of each request with the "routing".


AG -Assistant Guardian
SC - Social Coordination
WW- World Wide located in Saint Hill England
US - United States offices located in Los Angeles

AG SC WWlt;---------------7
Dir Rehab WWlt;-----------6
AG USlt;------------------5
AG SC USlt;---------------4
Dir Rehab USlt;-----------3
AG Bostonlt;--------------2
AG SC Bsn lt;-------------1

From: Dir Rehab Boston.

The arrows and lines would have to be included to show the sequence of approval and the line would be initialed by each person if they approved it.

If it was disapproved, a reason would be given and it would be sent back down to me without going through all the previous signers.

The reason a separate piece of paper was attached on top for approvals is so that after it was approved, the "routing" sheet could be shredded and no proof of responsibility could be assigned for writing or approving the plan, program or project.

Per LRH policy the GO was autonomous and answered only to Mary Sue Hubbard, who was The Controller and LRH's wife.

Detailed information on the Guardian's office can be found here:
http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/ http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Library/Shelf/wakefield/us-12.html http://www.wwwaif.net/scn.php



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