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Subject: Does Scientology actively proselytize for new members?
Date: 2000/03/07

Does Scientology actively proselytize for new members?

Yes. Scientologists make Scientology technology broadly available to others because they want others to receive the same gains they have experienced. The Church wants more people to know and apply the works of L. Ron Hubbard and actively and vigorously promotes this.

And now for the truth

Scientology is lying to us again. If the organization really wanted to get their mad messiah's "technology" out into the world because they honestly thought it had any value, they would freely offer this amazing, magical "technology" to the masses and survive as real religions do: by the donations of followers. And let's face it: if it actually worked as the criminal enterprise claims, everybody would be buying it. I certainly would!

As it is, Scientology sells quack medical procedures and quack rituals which are ultimately designed to remove the invisible fragments of the murdered space aliens they call "Body Thetans" which they claim infest humans and cause them emotional, mental, and physical problems. And of course Scientology doesn't tell their prospective customers any of that up front since obviously only the insane would purchase the scam.

It's only after victims purchase the documents called "OT3" or "Operating Thetan Level 3" that they find out Scientology had been lying to them all along and that now the real cause of all their problems is finally explained as being caused by these space aliens. (This is why it's known among bunko law enforcement agencies as a "bait and switch" scam; sucker the victim in by advertising one thing and when they're on the hook sell them something else.)

Scientology doesn't "proselytize" for "new members." What Scientology does is they engage in lies and racketeering activities to rook as many rubes out of as much money as possible for as long as possible (see Raul Lopez as an example of taking every last dime through endless lies and swindles. Also review War Hero for a detailed examination into how Scientology lies to cover up the truth about their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard.)

What's interesting to note is that the FreeZone is a group of individuals which do freely disseminate "clearing technology" without the endless swindles, outrageous quack medical claims, and "Fair Game" racketeering which the Scientology organization engages in. Within the FreeZone one can acquire L. Ron Hubbard's "technology" either for free or for an extremely nominal fee and one doesn't have to give up one's freedom of thought or abandon one's family as is so often the case inside of the Scientology organization.

This isn't to say that the "technology" which the FreeZone offers is any more or less valid than the roughly equal "technology" that the Scientology organization sells to its victims. A critical examination of the "technology" shows that the claims are almost always unscientific, untestable, vague, or outright dangerous. The value of the "technology" which the Scientology organization sells and which the FreeZone offers is roughly equal: they both exploit the placebo effect and that's all; there is no other value other than the belief that the "technology" has value.

As for the Scientology spokesperson's claim that their organization wants people to "know and apply the works of L. Ron Hubbard," that is complete bunk otherwise Scientology wouldn't have altered a great deal of Hubbard's "works" to remove embarrassing comments by their mad messiah. (See Lies Debunked: Does Scientology have a scripture? for an example of this telling fact.

Indeed, within Scientology the altering of Hubbard's "works" is called "Scquirreling and it's supposed to be a "High Crime" punishable by imprisonment within Scientology's RPF -- "Rehabilitation Project Force" -- or by being ejected from the organization. Since Hubbard died, Scientology's leaders have routinely "squirreled" a large amount of what their mad messiah wrote to remove either embarrassing comments by Hubbard else to remove admissions of criminal activities which the organization desn't want either you or its followers to learn about.

Now Scientology wants you to believe its "Volunteer Ministers" are something other than just another public relations scam designed to try to present their organization as something other than what their criminal history says they are.


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