Scientology's Volunteer Ministers' Thrown Out of Moscow


Scientology's doublecross

Forward: Another Scientology fake front that they call "IHELP" is exposed as being the notorious Scientology corporation trying to hide under yet another fake name and fake identity.

VMs repelled in Moscow
28 Oct 2002

Scientology has been called the cult of greed and power, but this does not mean that the Scientologists don't have budget problems like everyone else. One solution the organization has come up with is to take advantage of existing publicity, such as that of September 11th 2001 in New York and other catastrophes in Europe.

This past week, several dozen Chechen terrorists entered the Dubrovke theater complex on Melnikova St. in Moscow and held over 700 people hostage. On Saturday, October 26, 2002, deputy minister of the interior Vladimir Vasilev told reporters that the situation was ended when FSB (Russian FBI) operatives made a decision to raid the building. The deputy minister said that decision was based on the terrorists' threat to blow up the building, and that the probable result of such an explosion would have no doubt resulted in a much larger loss of life. A number of people were killed, including terrorists, but the majority of the theater-goers were liberated.

While this was happening, a disaster of a less spectacular kind was averted.

Scientology's publicity corps took advantage of the situation and attempted to get photo opportunities and to expose the victims of the disaster, in their state of reduced awareness, to the mind-control techniques of Dianetics. Dianetics is Scientology's "modern science of mental health", but it has never been demonstrated to have any beneficial effect upon human beings. See the Sept. 3, 1950 article by German psychiatrist Eric Fromm, for instance, at

The Scientologists dress themselves in bright yellow t-shirts and take pictures of themselves at disaster sites. They then use these pictures in Scientology exhibitions to show that Scientology is a beneficial organization. The "Volunteer Minister" program, however, appears to be more of a recruitment campaign than to serve any proven beneficial purpose.

The day prior to the hostages' rescue, Scientologists went to the emergency relief center at the scene of the hostage-taking in Moscow, and made an attempt to blend in with relief efforts. To their credit, they did mention the word "Dianetics" in their attempt to join the center. This and their eerie behavior alerted the personnel in charge, however, who were circumspect enough to make inquiries before the self-proclaimed do-gooders were accepted. As a result of the inquiries, they were found out to be Scientologists, and accommodations for them were refused.

In this way, relatives of survivors were not officially subjected to the kinds of cult pressures other physically and mentally handicapped individuals have been in the past (see, for example, a court decision against Scientology in the case of a man with brain damage), and thus will not suffer financial losses in addition to the suffering they have already been put through.

Call for Volunteer Ministers in Russia

As posted to alt.religion.scientology on 25 Oct 2002 21:19:17 in message ID by "Cerridwen" (a pseudonym) said " I've received a couple of these emails in the past 24 hours."

As you may have heard in the news, yesterday dozens of heavily armed Chechen rebels stormed into a theatre in Moscow in the middle of a performance and took all the people there as hostage. About 700.

Right now Russian Volunteer Ministers are working to set up 2 or 3 stable bases around this area to deliver help to family members as well as to some hostages who were allowed out. As the situation continues there will be more and more people there that will need their help.

VM's are also organizing teams to go around each metro station in Moscow to distribute simple handouts with VM Hotline phone number people can call if they have someone who needs help.

On one hand the situation is serious and can deteriorate but on the other hand as we know, something can be done about it, and the actions of the VM's can totally turn the tide.

We have enough Volunteer Ministers in Moscow who are willing to work to do all they can to help this situation. They are lacking funds to print materials, get VM jackets, get Way to Happiness booklets, etc.

Donations are needed right now to keep the actions of theses VM's. They will make all the difference.

Send your donation to I Help Eu by bank transfer, check or credit card clearly noting that it is for the Moscow Volunteer Ministers.

Bank address:

I Help FO # 1 Account
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5491891094
IBAN: DK 9220005491891094

Please relay this email to all the persons you think should get it. Speed is essential.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Olivia Meijer
CO I Help Europe

A subsequent comment was made by "Warrior" (a pseudonym) on 25 Oct 2002 17:33:37 -0700 in message-ID which said:

Now that it has been posted to a.r.s., I'd say Olivia Meijer's request, "Please relay this email to all the persons you think should get it" may be considered to be at least a partial "done". Well done, Olivia! With regards to this target on your program orders, please report "I/P".

Now for all you ARSers, please take note that by signing her letter "Olivia Meijer - CO I Help Europe", Olivia has just revealed that IHELP (International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors) is a Sea Org installation/unit. HCO Policy Letter of 7 March 1972 "Estab- lishment Officer Series Number 1R - The Establishment Officer System" states:

"[T]he org is commanded by the Commanding Officer (SO orgs) or the Executive Director (non-SO orgs)."

By signing "CO" it may be known that IHELP is a Sea Org organization. As such, it comes under CSI, OSA and WDC for administrative purposes, which includes compliance to Sea Org programs, orders, projects, etc. originated by them.

According to Scientology's page at there is "a senior executive committee within the mother church" and it "is known as the Watchdog Committee, which is chaired by Mr. Marc Yager, a senior management executive since 1979 and member of the CSI Board of Directors.

The Watchdog Committee does not manage individual churches but is responsible for the various organizations that manage the sectors of Scientology, such as the International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors... It ensures that... management bodies are established, functioning and performing their duties in accordance with Church scrip ture [sic] as written by Mr. Hubbard."

I know this may not be a big revelation to some of you, but I felt that it was worth pointing out, for the benefit of those who may not have known.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects


Volunteer Ministers in Germany
Volunteer Ministers in the USA


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