Scientology Laments Lack Of Motivation To Scam Others


Scientology's doublecross

What follows is a Fair Use extract of an email that the Scientology corporation sent out to an unknown number of people on their mailing lists. The identity of the individuals that it was sent to have been removed to protect the law enforcement officers and/or the human rights activists who received it.

From: Chicago OT Committee
Date: September 1, 2005
Subject: What's wrong with this picture.

Dear Chicago Scientologist,

Picture a bright beautiful yellow VM Cavalcade set up in the middle of the loop in Federal Plaza with hundreds of people walking by every hour looking up at the words - Something Can Be Done About it. Picture the tents with three assist tables, four stress testing stations, and panels describing the truths that we take for granted on the walls.

The email depicts the usual hoped-for delusion that the general public will be gullible enough and ignorant enough to fall for the Scientology "Volunteer Minister" scam in ever-growing numbers.

Thanks to the Internet, however -- including web sites like this one -- the Scientology corporation's dreams of rooking and swindleing crowds of gullible marks will never be realized.

<Fair Use cuts> Here's what's telling about this mailing list mailout:

Today only a handful of VMs showed up to work in the tent. There were only a few people to answer questions, take people on tours, do stress tests, or assists. We need double and triple the number of VMs that we had today. It is a tremendous overt of omission to not participate in this cavalcade.

Finding people to commit the scam is just as difficult for the Scientology corporation as it is to find marks that can be suckered in.

ML Allyne


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